Comments on Limbaugh over the line by narciso

I've been following him for 20 years, since I first read his "Mortal Splendor" which was a naive leftwing treatise on American decline,
filled with the kind of conspiratorial thinking that now dominates
the Sinosphere through his obsession with having the Russians
sell us Siberia, which would have put an interesting spin on the last election, to his focus on Jacksonianism since 9/11. It's been quite
an evolution, toward the positive side of things

No, Sfrog, Bibi did set a high bar, but Oren really does do justice to his position.

It is disturbing, it would suggest that their is an attempt to in Bertold
Brecht's (the fellow who went to East Germany, to find artistic freedom!) words, to 'elect a new people'

They are still wrong, in substantial ways, CK, the problem is that 50 years ago, they didn't have quite an echo chamber in the media, in the academy, in the corporate world

Ah yes, Rex, but the context of the era when the Narodnya Volya, people's Will is critical, and why they as the Social Revolutionaries like the Weather Underground ultimately failed in their objective, yet Lenin
succeeded because he saw how 'direct action' was a pointless act, Dostoyevski I have been given to understand was a good friend of Arch
czarist Pobestndenev, in fact the latter might have taken the Grand
Inquisitor as his role model.

Like the "Comfy Barcalounger" I'm sure was also at that prison in Algiers were Cervantes served his time. Or to bring it up to date,
the Cercle Sportif, the modern version of that same facility. Now Bagram probably has much more of a dungeony feel, but that's the one most likely to stay open

The problem, CK is the esteemed professor didn't know why he considers Dapper Don, a war criminal, it's just de rigour, in his circle,
they know all Gitmo detainees are innocent, even after one blows up
the L train in Chicago, they know AGW is happening even though Phil Jones, admits it hasn't happened for a decade

Because that is what the professors, the journalists, the popular culture teaches them, despite the fact the fact most of these spokesman, are filthy stinkin' rich, cognitive dissonance, it's a reinforcement loop, that is very strong call it epistemological
blindness, other terms are less kind.

Twenty years, Zolt, but then again how often do you find a Quaddafi and Farrakhan phile as your preacher, who you trust to preside over your wedding, to have your kids follow his teachings, nothing could
go wrong there