Comments on Limbaugh over the line by Zoltan Newberry

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I gather Lani Davis is a decent guy. Remember, during all the fuss about Bubba's strange dealings with the Chinese, fund raisers, various bimbos, etc, Lani, the quintessential man from Dale University, would always holler Where's the pwoof? on national TV?

Now, we have our dear Tsar demanding we provide him with pwoof, and no matter how many people and situations we cite from Billy the bomber Ayers, to Bernitdown Dohrn, to Anita Dunn, the Mao Tse Tung loving now ex Czar of something or another (she didn't just say, "Mao", she reverently said Mao Tse Dung with great clarity and love (ask voice analysis metrics folks at NICE Corporation, to give them the wealth! Van Jones, to that humble paragon of interracial love and respect, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to the aget in their faces anger, to the nationally televised disrespect of seven Supreme Court Justices sitting mute in front of him, to the demonization of Chrysler bondholders as 'fat cat speculators,' to the comfortable campus wide hatred of the unwashed conservative majority, we can never bring enough examples of their fundamental hatred and arrogance, and the oozing disgust and intolerance they hold toward we who differ with their elite opinions... we shall remain unable to convince our dear Czar that these people are dangerous, and that, if they have their way, our country as we know and love it, could be forever lost, and that we could enter into a very long and dark age in which the human race suffers on a monumental scale.

We must hold dear, my frems, those champions like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who are more than willing and very able to do all they can to stop this pestilence with all the rhetoric and all the mocking and all the humor and all the ridicule and all the scorn they can muster.

Yes, and on the same Chicago campus, at The Court Theater several years ago, the Man of La Mancha Program notes drew parallels between the horrid jail conditions at Guantanimo and those portrayed in the play.

Yes, there was this absolute certainty on campusess everywhere that the Bush team were all criminals.

Ask them today why Iraq, Guantinimo, and Afghanistan are still open, and what you get is a look.. you know that look, my frems, the look that says you are sooooo like pathetic to ask these questions now that the Savior is in the White House.

My point here, dear frems? If Rush and Beck cannot expose this culture of phony knowingness with all the zest they possess, who can?

I agree with Geoffrey Britain! What a lovely name, I say! Please write to Her Majesty The Queen immediately, my dear man. Tell her she must visit Israel before she dies. Having visited some 60 odd other countries during Her reign and never Israel, this inadvertently sends a rather f@c&e% up message to Her subjects, shall we say?

Seriously, it is very nice and fine for Colin to postulate that they are not devils or demons. Perhaps he never had experiences such as I had several years ago at a wake for a great chemist at the University of Chicago. I met one of his fellow great scientists at a table sipping free wine, and the man grinned at me and, out of a clear blue sky, let loose that of course Rumsfeld was a war criminal.

Now, maybe Colin could have had a very civilized discussion with this very tenured professor about who might be and who might not be deemed a war criminal, but I, I took the road less traveled by. I left the frigging table, my frems.

This little incident is meant to illustrate a little something to my fair minded friends who want Rush and Glenn to never raise their voices even if they see that the raging fire is closing in on us.


Ya Know, Senior Narciso, I think they would like to go back to the me too, polite Republican politicians like the feckless McCain, Dole and Bush I, who were too polite to bother winning.

@ fuster:Do you think Barry & Michelle had the capacity to distinguish between Wright and a hole in the wall? And for TEN frigging years?? Hello??

Why did Barry suddenly become Barracks at Columbia? Was it to get some cred with all the wunnerful white pwogwessives?

How about changing your name?

Che Fuster?

Gosh, these endless circular arguments can get tiresome. At least the last several days, I've heard Beck invoke Ghandi several times, and he even says he prays when he gets too mad about what's going on.

I will repeat until the cows come home that many of these entitled people would stop at nothing, even more would stop at very little to foist their utopia upon us. Isn't that what Saul Alinsky taught them, that the ends justify the means? They have no compunction at calling people with African American grandchildren racists, stuffing ballot boxes and infiltrating trouble makers into tea party events. The dismissed Panther case, and several SEIU beatdowns are early indications of what many of them can will do as election season approaches.

SS and LF are totally correct on this, my frems. Our vision is constantly clouded by our projections, and, ha ha to those of you who think our opponents are simply polite idealists who want Fourstring's friends to get nicer government issued undies and free baths at the Holiday Inn every other day.

I can not help it if Limbaugh and Beck are on to something some of you would rather deny.