Comments on Limbaugh over the line by JEM

@ CK MacLeod:

McVeigh quite succinctly noted what drove him to act - Waco and Ruby Ridge. Colin, you are drinking the koolaid here, and I don't get to hear Rush that much, but did hear that comment. OSlash's advocating that his "side" get in the face of their opponents, almost all the domestic terrorist activity in this country has been from the Left not the right. Rahm's various comments about destroying his political opponents, the SEIU attacks on conservative protesters. Etc. Rush isn't asking people to attack back, he is asking people to realize that these people advance a faction of political thought that is quite far to the left of normal political thought. This is the extreme anti-USA left in power. They do not see anything exceptional about the US and in fact think most of the world's problems are the result of actions we have taken.

I called before the election exactly what OSlash was and what he felt. I feel I hit it pretty close to center. He is a Chicago thug politican who hates everyone who has prospered over the years playing by the "rules", whatever exactly they are. That is why he was in Wright's church.

The left expeccts you to act as you are - they are bringing a gun to knife fight - something else our esteemed president has said.