Comments on Limbaugh over the line by fuster

@ Ritchie Emmons:
They're more likely to be souring on the Prime Minister.

@ narciso:
If you meant that Bibi set the bar high for the amount of personal distaste engendered during his time here, you've got a point. I can't, and hope not, to see Oren matching that.
But IIRC, Netanyahu didn't hold Oren's position as ambassador to the US. Wasn't Bibi UN sent to the UN?

good book. bad work as ambassador

@ narciso:
it is disturbing thinking about how wrong they are and how thoroughly they're winning hearts and minds. one might, if one were a Geoffrey B, almost think that the majority of the country holds a criminal hatred for the majority of the country.

Ibsen might have had some character cry "The majority is always wrong!"
Britain might append hatred and criminality to the list.

@ Rex Caruthers:Rex, that's at least a 10% improvement!

Patience, Citizen Rex, patience.

@ CK MacLeod:
CK MacLeod wrote:

Leftists are not devils or demons.

Certainly not!

They're Gremlins, they are, they are.

@ Geoffrey Britain:
That's some authentic gibberish, Geoffrey.

Your reduction to all leftists are whining emotionally-retarded Commie control-freak useful idiots is more an insult to your own intelligence (and I know it's not slight) than anything else.

@ Zoltan Newberry:
How silly, Zolt.

I start calling myself Chez Fuster and Howard's gonna salivate on my leg.

Zolt, you go on thinking that liberals or progressives or whatever are all lovers of thugs or opponents of republican government and keep thinking that the rest of the country lacks the capacity to distinguish between Rev Wright and a hole in the wall.
You go right on thinking that your opponent are demonic hellspawn and not people whose politics differ from yours by degrees rather than universes.

Any continue thinking that everyone else denies reality.

@ CK MacLeod:

I kinda like this post.

@ Scientific Socialist:

Kinda wish you to wear headgear fashioned from the underwear of homeless people for a couple o' days. Might help you with perspective.