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No, it is neither, it is Jacobin, in the spirit of Danton, Marat and Robespierre

If the top 1% end up with too much pie the pie,it's New Jac City time.

Russia’s been enmeshed in empire for a long time

And I'm sure they want it back,but as a practical matter,the Russian Government/Nation is in far better shape downsized than it was from 1968-1988.

'the redistribution of wealth"

At the moment,the problem is Upwards Redistribution,not Outwards.

"--questionable whether the U.S. would survive the death of the idea of the U.S"

Then,we better figure out what "the idea of the US" costs,and find the funds to cover those costs,or else.

The “fantasies” you deride

I fantasies I deride,I deride because they are in the way. For example.isn't Russia far better off today then when they were emeshed in their Dreams of Empire. I realize that they didn't choose their Path;it was done to them. We can still choose,however,rather then having IT done to us.

For the Americans at least, and for others if they followed, the endless cycle of history could finally be broken.

This sounds very much like Hinduism where the endless cycles of Karma are occasionally broken by an Enlighted Being after countless generations of reincarnation.
Let's not kid ourselves here,the endless cycle of history is no more broken by US then the everpresent karmic process ever could be.
Humanity's illusions,delusions,pride,and hybris are the engine of history. American Exceptionalism as described above by Wood is another variant of nationalistic hybris. James Joyce's opinion was that history is a nightmare from which we haven't woken. We're not "Special" by any Standard in the sense of Destiny or Divine intention. If we are going to salvage our empire,or our nation,(we have to choose which)we have to do that with our Reason and Intelligence, not some fantasy of Predestination,Divine Right or Manifest Destiny.