Rights endowed by God upon you,
His blessings said to whisper, "I love you"
Life, liberty and happiness, whee,
Were just a little dream or three.

Say nighty-night to those dreams,
Since sage despoilers of the skeptical teams,
Have us alone and just as blue as can be,
Can’t dream a little dream or three.

@ CK MacLeod:

There is, of course, always Chou En Lai's point of view that it's too soon to tell about "durable." And, absent a Judge, who is to define "just."

Not ever having been up on philosophers I tried (not too hard I must admit) to find the frog's answer, or anyone's succinct answer, to your question re the source and definer of "rights" absent a Source and Definer; but I failed.

We hold these opinions to be as true as other opinions that are equally likely truths. That all men, and women, and others who self classify differently, and others who choose not to self classify, are to be made equal, endowed by their betters, and others who do not self classify as betters, with certain more or less unalienable social constructions, among them life, except when inconvenient in the context of the cost of state provided health care, liberty, except when it conflicts with other rights which may be defined by a progressive state, and the pursuit of happiness, up to the point of enough as defined by their Obama (PBUH).

@ Rex Caruthers:

A promise to provide nuclear weapons is not the same thing as delivery of nuclear weapons. States that want something from one another lie to one another all the time.