That Russian novel Petersburg, by Bely, has a lot of references to Kant and Nietzche, in almost equal parts. In a land that never sees
liberty, like Czarist Russia, one could also add Saudi Arabia, one could
see how extreme philosophies take hold

Nuclear tipped Jerichos would have been have the state of the arm weapon for Israel in 1975, I doubt Shimon, would have been eager to
give them to such a sometime recent possible ally, something about this, strikes me as disinformation

Polakow Surasky, recently in the Huffington Post, is a little too diligent in defending Judge Goldstone, who has become a tool of Hamas and other Salafi, against Israel

Right, the Chicago school, extorted it's way on to the major journals in this country, give e a break. Keynesian economists are the only ones
that count for Mr. Hudson, Austrians are clearly 'doubleplusungood'
in his view.

Who is it, who has spoken of 'negative rights', none other than President Obama, who recently said, 'information is a distraction' in the administration like Mark Lloyd, FCC commissar, has sad 'freedom of speech" in an obstacle to redistribution of wealth, and community organizing, who has said opposing views must be infiltrated by the
government, that would be Cass Susstein, who has said the Government can determine what is free speech, that would be the
Supreme Court nominee, Kagan,

It was a revolutionary conception of a nation state, based on these principles, slavery and segregation did violence to that image, but it is
a worthy goal. Without it, you have the brutal pendulum swings of Jacobinism and reactionary regimes, that wracked France for the better
part of a hundred and fifty years

Now you're being obtuse, honestly, CK, that was not Sarah's coinage but Jefferson, Malia Littman, honestly she's as deranged as Andrew
Sullivan in her own special way. Maybe the left has so fundamentally slipped it's mooring than there is no common ground, the coverage of
the Texas education standards, which none other than Ann Althouse, had to correct the record on. Obama believes the state grants rights,
and when need be, retracts them with total munificence, for our own good of course