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@ CK MacLeod: Highlander, do you see how culturally isolated the right has become?
There is no way their webdesigners and sys-ads could protect the AOS....they were underseige by webcreatures they had never even imagined....trolls, griefers, mobies and pranklinkers.....4chan avatars breathed into political life.
That is why the TPM got blindsided by the teabagger meme.

@ CK MacLeod:CK....Nate is specifically calling out Ras to explain his methodology in both the posts i linked.
polling is not like tv news.
if Ras is scamming, he will be caught.

aww put my comment in the spam bucket.
it was such a good one too.

i <3 the UD.
do you know why Michael Steele's RNC site got pranked? Balloon-juicers and other liberal griefers used the auto-link tool to hook the site to bondage, porn and sextoy websites.
The new AOS site has passed TTC (total troll control) where more that 50% of content is generated by trolls, griefers, mobies, and pranklinkers.
The rightwing techno-luddites that built the RNC site and AOS don't even know what webtrolls and griefers are, let alone how to prevent attacks.
Because geek culture is impenetrable to conservatives.
There are no geeks in the GOP.
That is how the TPM got blindsided by the teabagger meme.....the UD.

Heres your scifi tag of the day....the republican website America Speaks Out has been taken over by engineer-moties....the only solution is to nuke it from space.
Abandon ship!

@ narciso:
heres why.
Ras is running a narrative scam and right before elections he switches back to honest polling so he can keep his rep.
Nate Silver is on to him...too.
Rasmussen is to polling as FOXnews is to news.
In an attempt to shape the narrative, Ras is giving y'all unrealistic expectations.
Consider his poll of Paul against Conway....
Paul 59%, Conway 34%
does this make any sense at all?
democratic turnout in the primary was 2x republican turnout in the same day.
pretty soon rasmussen polls will have the same credibility as FOXnews.....except at election time.

im right.
so is Nate, and so is Kos.
Ras is dirty.
look at the generic congressional ballot on the poll of polls.
pretty outlier, eh?

never trust rasmussen statistics.