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Nature may operate in redundancy, but it takes genuine skill not to notice the obvious, in this day and age. Thrasymachus argued that
only the rule by the strong was the solution, what's our excuse, in
discriminating between toxic philosophies

So Kojève, is the father of the triumphalism characterized by Fukuyama, whereas Strauss knew better

a deceptive particle, you saw what I was doing with that,

Ah Weisberg, the collector of that elegant political argument known as the Bushism. Balance would dictate that he have a volume of the current incumbent malaproprism, or myriad imcompetences, no, on the budgetary, foreign policy and employment front

historicism that was Hayek's real foil in the form of Wagner and Schmoller, the counterparts to Wilson in late 19th Century Austria, what the brand of Bismarckian conservatism amounts to

You want a practical application about what Strauss warns against: