Comments on Imam McCarthy’s newest fatwa by narciso

The difference is Islam was aggressive from the start, as the examples of Khaybar and Yathrib attest, Christianity as it was forced to assume
the role of unifying force in particularly Byzantine politics, became more
beligerent, and Judaism has been holding off the Egyptian, the Babylonians, et al all the live long day

You can add the Holy Land Foundation, which was tipped off by the Times's Lictblau and Miller(yes, that Miller) the General Welfare (sic)
and a whole host of other enterprises. Also Al Jazeera, at least in the early part of this campaign was acting like an enemy mouthpiece

We need to update the have you ever been a Nazi from 1933-1945, and refine the Communist part of the form. Now the problem is CAIR,
who's political director came from Hamas, and is part of the ICASP project, ISNA, (a member of which was lecturing on extremism, around the time of the Ft, Hood shooting,) MPAC, are problematic entitities are their very best. and they are always warning of the backlash that hasn't happened yet.

Now Imam Gullen, don't know how to do the Turkish dieresis, is smart
enough to know that the IHIH really mucked it up, with the Marmara.

The problem is CK, that we're not speaking of collective punishment, but a project underwritten by a member of the Perdana movement, which help support the MV Marmara and the Rachel Corrie this week,
among other enterprises, Just like we turned down Prince Talal's offering of danegold after September 11th, unless you think Guiliani was wrong and Cynthia McKinney was right.

SAdly the Turks and the Egyptian are not living up to the standards of their Ottoman era counterparts, when Selim 11 and Mohammed
Ali, the original, helped bottle the Sauds back in the Nejd in 1818

backlash from tomorrow's terrorist bombing

Maybe I read too much of Charles Johnson, before he lobotomized himself, but the public face of American Islam, characterized by the likes of CAIR and kindred organization, seem to always be fulfilling
Tim Blair's jibe "Moslems protesting tomorrow's terrorist outrage"

I would believe that, but who ratted out Aulaqi, or Hassan, in the local
communities where they operated, there was actually one dim fellow in Killeen, who didn't find anything wrong with what the latter had done actually Effendi Aulaqi seems to be in denial, the same is not true for AbdulMutallab Sr, and didn't Zazi's iman, deny he was cooperating with the authorities. How about the Islamic Saudi Academy, and their notorious valedictorian, Abu Ali

Give me a more positive spin to having the government run most major industries, having them decide who is legitimate and illegitimate press, Halperin's latest being a desperate plea for funding, the climate exchange scam

That's just it, they are endeavoring to make us less free, by making the media which is already leaning in their direction, unanimously so,
by seizing as much of the private economy as they can handle, by indebting us to the point that we can't defend ourselves

Well what's wrong with the Communists, (sarc)they cheer the stimulus and the health care bill, they are the inspiration for the likes of Robert
McChesney who wants to turn the press into a Government Department of Information, Van Jones, joined them three years after
the Berlin Wall fell