Comments on Imam McCarthy’s newest fatwa by Ken

Using the F word is nothing compared to your endorsement of our enemies' victory column. As for threats, your whole post was a very thinly disguised threat to use your inside connections to fix the debate so that the mosque would be built. Once it is built, all patriots will be seen as weaklings, and our families will be raped and murdered by your cackling allies.

I'm not intimidated by you.

Are you for fucking real, seriously? Can you not see that the issue isn't whether we'll have mosques in the US, which we already do, but whether we'll have a mosque on Ground Zero? And this doesn't bother you?

You have crossed over from wishy-washy to Fifth Columnist. I see you've intellectualized yourself out of a country. Fine. We'll carry on the bloody fight for our attacked nation without you, TRAITOR.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you aren't welcome on Hot Air any more.

Just out of curiosity, does someone have the goods on you?