There is a great butcher shop not far from this here neighborhood near the mansion of the Thetan, (G@d-Like) Mister Peanut and his sweet bride.

It's called MOO AND OINK's.

Con permiso, I would like to open the first Moo and Oink's in lovely Manhattan, across the street from said non Mosque.

And I have another suggestion: Could they (the very peaceful designers of said non Mosque) be required to erect a memorial in their lobby: a headless statue commemorating Danny Pearl.

Colin, my dear hombre:
I think you are insisting on a literal interpretation of our freedom of religion principal, while mocking other forms of literalism, such as literal views of the Founders' concerns regarding limited government. You take the nice sounding religious freedom meme and rub outraged noses in it, and yet you lecture us on being able to respect nuance and gradual evolution in other matters.

I don't get it, but I think this is why Ken and some others are getting impatient with you. I, however, listen to my frem, Lotus Feet, and seek to patiently and lovingly await your greater understanding of the subtleties involved in this discussion about a mosque on ground zero, if not your total illumination into a cosmically conscious Tsar.

You must see that there is a need for the people of Islam, if they are truly the religion of peace, to do more to rid their religion of the very not so peaceful dirtbags who want to slice off your head, dear Tsar, who want to dominate all of us who are not Jews, and murder all of us who are Jewish, like they did to Daniel Pearl. This is why most Americans do not want a Mosque on that ground. They are noticing the not very peaceful adherents of this peaceful religion more and more, as they do more and more wicked stuff. The Mosque goers must do a better job of making sure the religion of peace is peaceful, you see. Otherwise, they are just taking advantage of the useful idiot multiculturalists, freedom of religion folks, and others who seem to think they can coopt the men in turbans and the ladies in head scarves and veils, by being nicey nicey, and being certain that 99 out of 100 Muslims really have no interest in killing us or dominating us or dressing our females like them, and all that.

I think you understand this, but don't really want to understand this because somehow it would make you seem like less of a humanitarian good guy if you insisted they build their new mosque in Chinatown or on Avenue D and 11th, or some such other place near a very convenient subway stop.

I mean would you be surprised, shocked and disappointed if the book shops in these houses of peacefulness had books like "Mein Kompf" and "The Protocals of the Elders of Zion" for sale? It wouldn't be very nice to ask them about these great literary works, would it, my frem?


Didn't the French and the Swiss recently protect their own Frenchness and Swissness in various ways? And them Europeeans make themselves out to be the ultimate authorities on multicultural correctness. Shall we insist on nude beaches in Malaysia?

Seriously, one more bigee like 9/11 or yet another attempt to down a packed airplane, and people here may be moved to reopen internment camps. Clearly Muslims are afraid to set about defanging their religion, lest their heads go missing. And we're talking about allowing a friggin' mosque on or very near ground zero where 3000 innocents were murdered!