Comments on Imam McCarthy’s newest fatwa by fuster

Sully wrote:

I knew you would eventually work your way around to reason.

I point the right way about twice daily.

@ CK MacLeod:

I will neither forgive that comment, nor forget it.

I might even try fobbing it off as my own

@ CK MacLeod:

OK, MacLeod, that last comment tears it!!

If you go around talking like a grown-up none of the Kids are gonna want to play with you. We need more of that old-time "optimisticism" , the kind of Kid-speak that relies on defining our goodness with our feet on the broken backs of the face-down fallen foe.

Sully wrote:

That Japanese Cultural Center was built in 1986, forty five years after the surprise attack and after forty one years of demonstrated Japanese peacefulness. Also, it’s not as close to U.S. Arizona as the Islamic propaganda, terrorist recruitment and attack planning facility that’s proposed for two blocks from Ground Zero

You speak as if you don't know that Hawai'i had many Japanese living there when Pearl Harbor was bombed. ----------------------------------

Memories of the internment of local Japanese, enlistment of ten thousand local Japanese in Hawaii’s 442nd Regiment and 100th Battalion, curfews and rationing remain sharp, even today. Miriam Hironaga, who was just six years old and a kindergarten student at Lunalio Elementary School at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack recalls:

@ J-Bone:

Ritchie Emmons wrote:

I’m not sure about similar statistics for Afghanistan, but my guess is that the Taliban is responsible for more Afghan deaths than the US.

For the last couple of years, it's about 2/3 of the Afghan deaths caused by the Taliban.

~59% in 2007
and the proportion steadily rising

US and coalition forces accounted for under 30% in 2009.

which thought is more hard to comprehend, my great love for the lovely Dyer, or the assertion that she's not got all her ducks rowing in the same direction?

@ CK MacLeod:
don't you dare be fierce with my beloved. she is too tender of heart...
and, of late, doth but slenderly know herself.

@ narciso:
narc, you little rascal, you. stop yelling "fire".
I don't want anybody going over and giving that wonderful woman a hard time.
I hold out hope that she can somehow be cured and she can accept my love and consent to become one of my wives.

@ Zoltan Newberry:
Zolt, you can be sure that you can open up a pork store, a branch of Hillel House, a Hindu temple, or most anything across the street from the mosque.

I would welcome a monument to Daniel Pearl right near the place.

In the Middle East they call this stuff "incitement", in NYC, it's business as usual.

@ Zoltan Newberry:

You can be sure that the Europeans remain ever ready to lecture the Americans on tolerance without themselves actually having any more than we possess.

That's kinda why Europeans moved here from there.

@ Ken:

Ken, you are being rather a silly sliver of slurrious shite.

Tighten your sphincter and type something of intellectual substance or slink back into some septic system.

I once drove a Cadillac Caliphate, but there wasn't much mileage and it wasn't worth the cost.
Occasionally, it was useful, though.