"As I have now had to remind people repeatedly at multiple venues, my critique of the conservative reaction is concerned only secondarily with Cordoba House itself, mainly in relation to the proportionality of that reaction.

If you can oppose the CI in a way that doesn’t sooner or later depend on “religion that kills” and other anti-Islamic utterances and characterizations or on lame attempts at character assassination and forced inference, and doesn’t lead to “let’s put up a bacon stand” gestures of willful bigotry, have at it."

I Wonder ...
If enough Jews and Christians had been around the region (and armed) when the Muslim horde murdered everyone in their path in order to build a mosque on ground Holy to THEM in Jerusalem - Would they have allowed it?
Methinks not.


Awwwwwww C'mon, CK ...
Do we have revisit the whole "provocation" issue again?

The enemy is at the gates. Andy McCarthy is the go-to guy - On Islamism and legal matters anyhow. Younger men will probably clean up the mess.