Comments on In the general direction of Mecca… by CK MacLeod

@ Sully:
was better before you changed the last line... I know I know I KNOW I always say that, but it's fine work from beginning to all but the last lines, which fall flat, esp. in the new version.

@ first lesson is free:
It was a bust, no matter how you chose to look at it.

@ first lesson is free:
Still qualifies as an oddly insensitive act, one of the first merely symbolic acts of the Administration, around the same time as the gift of a Walmarty DVD sampler and an iPod with pre-loaded Ø's greatest speeches as against, what was it, a great desk fashioned from the timbers of the Repulse or some such.

Or do you think they just ran out of space at the WH, and Malia just fell in love with the antique coffee shop table JukeBox with the hard-to-find Chubby Checker 45s - so the Churchill bust had to go?