Well lets take one aspect at a time, Hezbollah was carved out of the Amal faction of the late Musa Sadr, with the efforts of the likes of
Mohashtemi-pur and later Vahidi, Shawkat's in particular suspected involvement in the assasination of Hariri, had a large part in that.
The administration's cold shoulder to Jumblatt's Druzes while searching
for 'Moderate Hezbollah' has not worked, neither have these 'winks and
nods toward Hamas,

he's a crazy psycho who wants to bring about the end of the world, like Ivan Zandor (Ghostbusters reference)

Cameron says he is a friend, but then he allows for the same snipe hunt that was the Goldstone Report, so it's fairly an empty statement

No the Island with the other "articulate although not necessarily clean'
former attorney with a revolutionary jones. 50 years ago, many bought
the hope and change, including on the sensible center and left, many
came to their sense, a dozen years ago, many thought the same of
Chavez, he was a clown, "Wile E Coyote in a Red Beret", it didn't turn out that way.

Back some years ago, they buried the facilities at Natanz, when they feared a more direct attack, now that they feel more confident they've brought it up to the surface

Yes I did frog, for the same reason that my Argentinian historian friend, Adjami and my folks from the old country could figure out what 53% either didn't know, or didn't care

When I tell you something, El Rana, don't doubt me, I have a nearly photographic memory;


It's also in Remnick's hagiographic, 'the Bridge' so it's quite true


Moving down non combatants, unlike those fighters in a Sbarro pizzeria, or a Passover service in Netanya

In practice, this is where we end up, there are some exceptions like Salam Fayyad, the aggie economist, but consider the late Edward Said(who Obama was a student off) his complaint with Arafat was he was too temporizing with Israel, he really didn't have a firm critique of Salafism, except in a situation sense, Al Aswani is fairly
transgressive and critical of Islamism, his Yacoubian institution, is a good guide to understand the world in which Mohammed Atta arose, but someone like Ahdaf Soeif, is nowhere as tolerant of Israel, (this is back in 1997)