We've been interventionist, not on purpose, but almost by accident, from when the French and the British feud got in the way of our trade, with the Beys of the Barbary Coast, hijacked our ships, when our settlements in Northern Mexico, (Texas) were overrun, you get the point

Actually it kind of is, in the context of where he gave the speech, at Al Azhar, in one of the most hidebound autocracies in the region, one might make a parallel with Czarist Russia, because many of the reforms
that Sadat had introduced, in the political sphere, were reversed by
Mubarak, and the EIJ, including Zawahiri, became stronger and the
core of AQ for it, from A tef to Seif al Adel to the the latest fellow
Yazid, not to mention Rabia and Co.

No it was the Tataglias everyone knows that, and the cop played by
Sterling Hayden

Certainly a particular faction in the Arabian Government, possibly General Intelligence,( istikbarat) were likely providing support to
the operation, was it a direct attack by Saudi Arabia, no just as it
didn't have to do directly with the Taliban, but they provided sanctuary

Tell me the fate of the last scientist connected with the dissident movement in Iran, oh yes, he was blown up by a motorcycle born
IED, there is no tradeoff

No, Rex, you forget he thought the nuclear freeze didn't go far enough, in that 1983 Sundial piece, it's not about balancing, it's
about neutering any aggressive Western looking power, remember
he thinks Iran with 60 million people, is a 'small country that doesn't
pose a threat'

Pretty much, he was turned by the Master Bug, now Jolene Blalock
(Commander T'Pal) was in it, so I wasn't paying that much attention
to the plot. It has a bit of a "Forever War" feel to it, being much less
satirical than the first.

Somehow the whole thing reminds of this film, they ran one late night some time ago, think of the President as Sky Marshall anoke


The Trillion is the new billion, (Dr. Evil raised pinky) which means Quadrillion will be the next unit of measures, the value of derivatives
are already near that level. I say bring in the gunships and the powered

Is does beg the question, why did the Brits, and the Russians crave that piece of real estate for so long, the first two Afghan War was clearly done to clear out the latter from the area. Now it's not unobtanium, but it's close enough

well actually no, according to this

In 2004, American geologists, sent to Afghanistan as part of a broader reconstruction effort, stumbled across an intriguing series of old charts and data at the library of the Afghan Geological Survey in Kabul that hinted at major mineral deposits in the country. They soon learned that the data had been collected by Soviet mining experts during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, but cast aside when the Soviets withdrew in 1989.

During the chaos of the 1990s, when Afghanistan was mired in civil war and later ruled by the Taliban, a small group of Afghan geologists protected the charts by taking them home, and returned them to the Geological Survey’s library only after the American invasion and the ouster of the Taliban in 2001.

“There were maps, but the development did not take place, because you had 30 to 35 years of war,” said Ahmad Hujabre, an Afghan engineer who worked for the Ministry of Mines in the 1970s.

Armed with the old Russian charts, the United States Geological Survey began a series of aerial surveys of Afghanistan’s mineral resources in 2006, using advanced gravity and magnetic measuring equipment attached to an old Navy Orion P-3 aircraft that flew over about 70 percent of the country.

The data from those flights was so promising that in 2007, the geologists returned for an even more sophisticated study, using an old British bomber equipped with instruments that offered a three-dimensional profile of mineral deposits below the earth’s surface. It was the most comprehensive geologic survey of Afghanistan ever conducted.

Well we're testing that premise now aren't, one hates to quote Mo Dowd, with the 'passion of a million sons' but it looks, like Richard Nixon Obama

We've already been there, I once met someone who had done three tours with the Marines, two in Iraq, one in the Horn, he found the
latter kind of uneventful

To go into Yemen, Sr. Ribbit, that place makes Afghanistan seem like
Switzerland by comparison

CK, Great Satan, is like 30 years old, already, now Rafsanjani compared to Khomeini comes off as moderate, then again the same
can be said of the old Moussavi, vis a vis, Ahmadinejad. Maybe he
turned a corner after the events of June '09, yet another instance
where Obama seemed out to lunch