Comments on First they’d need something to say… by Rex Caruthers

I keep on thinking of that Max Boot post written after the West Point speech

Boot's Latest: "We have the resources (money, manpower) to prevail in Afghanistan — just as we had the resources to prevail in Iraq."

Borrowed money,borrowed manpower from Iraq,and the idea that we prevailed in Iraq is a bit premature.

Because I'm merely an amateur observer,I get to go places the more professional pundits are forbidden. Looking at WW2,I see the keys to success as fourfold,we had:(1)A Declaration of War(2)A Draft(3) Overwhelming Force(4)Solid Support of the Citizens
In Korea,we had 2&3
In Vietnam,we had 2&3
In Iraq,we had 0
In Afghanistan,we have 0

The only exception to this formula was The Gulf War where we had 3 and 5 which was universal support from lots of other nations. It did the job against a weak enemy,that we didn't know was that weak until the war started.