@ narciso:

Mughniyeh was one person. He was an important and dangerous person. There were 85 deaths in the IMIA bombing, and many more injuries. None of the victims was considered dangerous.

@ CK MacLeod,

Sully's #60 leads me to ask about your #52. I don't know what the provocation of your response to Christian Zionist was.

@ CK MacLeod:

I'm puzzled. When you say the Buenos Aires bombing was "some variation on tit-for-tat relating to actions in the Middle East," doesn't that suggest that if there's a problem in the Middle East, one responds by targeting Jews anywhere or everywhere?

The July 18, 1994, bombing of the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires was not directed against Israel or Israelis--unlike the March 17, 1992, bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.

@ Sully:
A good point. And of course, there is the Hamas Charter.

@ fertilizing treefrog:

The NY Sun wrote "A Hezbollah statement of 1992." I don't know their source.

It is certainly true that anti-Zionism, antii-Semitism, and anti-Judaism are different from each other. Nevertheless, they overlap. As I wrote on June 1 in "Hamas Defeats Palestine," the Hamas Charter refers to Jews as "the enemy" and accuses them of creating the Masons and the Rotarians, in addition to starting World War I.
The late. lamented New York Sun wrote on March 11, 2005, that a Hezbollah statement of 1992 included the following words: "It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of every last Jew on earth."

Fidel Castro has apparently come out of retirement. As a good member of the Marxist-Islamic Alliance, he now accuses Israel of being Nazi.
What will Khatami say now? Maybe he won't know or won't care. But maybe he'll feel that he should no longer admire a Jew like Popper.
Perhaps leftists all around the world are a major force that has been effectively working against moderate Islam.