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@ narciso:

follow the link, narc. it'll be..... safe.

Christians evangelists are advising Ugandans to slaughter homosexuals,
Perez Hilton, inexplicably, likes to look up girls' dresses,
and sheep are being interfered with in Norway,

@ Christian Zionist:

Chris, when you talk about people's failures in understanding, keep looking at this thing that you wrote...

Christianity abandoned such ambitions

think about that.

Then try to make a case that Islam hasn't done the same, and that the people attempting to reclaim what they see as Islamic land aren't a rump attempting to revive a long-discredited thing.

except it’s worse than that.

More salami from the same slicer

from worse to wurst.

@ Christian Zionist:
Excellent thinking Chris. The application from outsiders of "maximal pressure" to the Islamic world will almost certainly in

its own internal Englightenment


almost always and almost without a doubt, huge amounts of stress produce an increase in rational pacific thinking.

Sully wrote:

Your assertion then is that the game will not be played our because it is working to no one’s advantage and to the world’s detriment.

I don't recall making the assertion that the game won't continue careering down its lunatic way.

I would prefer that it be suspended on account of stupidity, but the umps aren't all on the field as of yet.

@ Sully:

Sully, mock we must, because, with Iran/Israel, both sides are attempting to defend home territory and projects with offensive ops and threats of same.

The game is working to no one's advantage and certainly to the world's detriment.

CK MacLeod wrote:

There’s a difference between a genocide and unconventional warfare or war crimes. Blurring the difference is a cheapening, dangerously self-undermining self-betrayal for Jews and friends of the Jews.

Good, MacLeod, but one would do well to throw in mention, gratuitous though it should be, that there are far too many amongst the murderers who don't understand there to be much of a distinction.
The error is one of gross, gross exaggeration, and not entirely fantastic and delusional.

@ Christian Zionist:

Can you point out any group, other than Christians, that actually has attempted to murder all of the Jews?

I'm thinking that if Hezbollah says, dishonestly, that it isn't out to kill all the Jews.... and the members of Hezbollah don't actually go out and attempt to kill all Jews, then we might just do well, absent much evidence by word or deed, to be real suspicious instead of real sure that we have the power to look into their hearts and know their minds.

@ Sully:

That's a good theory. Some of the Israelis are already testing that "dispersal" deployment by moving many thousands of Jewish Israeli citizens westward.
I suspect that the Iranians are going to force the Israelis to make further adjustments and that safety for Israel, entirely due to Iranian malignity, will make occupation of Syria and Jordan an imperative.

I still you ya one for what ya did find. Lemme know what your Froggie Gremmother can do for you.

@ CK MacLeod:
Excellent digging. You get to choose a prize from the second tier....
unless you'd like to keep playing and go for the big one.

On other "fronts", I don't much care who wants credit for the bombing, the responsibility belongs to Iran.

@ CK MacLeod:

No. You found some dude quoting a UPI story saying something.
Too shaky, especially if you read the rest of what the dude follows that with.
The whole thing that follows is talking about zionist Israelis, even where the statement says Jews.....look to the top of p27... it's the "usurping Jews" that got to get killed....

T'ain't nothing to match Jews as Jews.

I can't get to that UPI story, but my digging skills are fingernail deep.

You want a grail, keep questing.

(but it was still damned impressive....don't doubt that)

Der Frosch thanks y'all and clarifies:

“It is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until the death of every last Jew on earth.”

George's statement says two very distinct things. Hezbollah (and its' pals) calling for the elimination of Israel is interesting, and maybe an eye-opener, but

'the death of every Jew on earth' is the jaw-dropper.

If George or anyone can back that one up, and I gotta admit I tend to think that George may well be working with a memory here that ain't quite narciso-style supercharged, I want it!!!

I ain't gonna just bust noses with it, I'm agonna crack crania...

I'm gonna offer a reward, I want it so bad !!

Anyone brings me that gets a 72 year-old virgin!
Before they die!!

@ George Jochnowitz:

That was a Hezbollah statement, not just something a guy from Hezbollah said?

I would love to see it if you think that it was "official", George.

I'd like to rub it in the snout of some folks.

@ CK MacLeod: Of course, it's one-sided CK. I was presenting Turkey's side. Always a good thing to do, when you're considering why nations act as they do.

Turkey has a very large national interest in talking with the folks in the south and the east and exploring stronger relations with.

As long as the EU keeps them out by imposing conditions for membership that Turkey doesn't wish to meet, why not look elsewhere, maybe soften those conditions.

Iran is bidding for power in the ME and Turkey is in position to expect favors from the Israelis instead of insults from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This seems to be a time where Turkey is in position to flirt around and see what's available.