I liked Robert Wright's exegisis on Darwin, I've found everything he's written since unpalatable, it might have been written by a different
person all together. It's intriguing how Ali comes from a country so
proximate to the Arabian peninsula, so this might particularly condition
her particular response. Now this comes as Adam (Pearlman) Gadahn
issues his oh so reasonable demands for AQ's hudna, Abandon Israel
and "give up on landing on Europa", i mean, stop attacking targets in the Moslem world, what could possibly go wrong??

As I pointed out, earlier, the Koran has some beautiful language, like Yacoubian chose to illustrate his novel, it is so sad that one particularly
noxious strain, has chosen to hijack the discourse, and unlike nearly two hundred years ago, it seized the seat of authority, which originally
dispatched it, Ottoman Turkey

From the inside cover of Al Aswani's Yacoubian Institution, some interesting selections from the Koran

"It may happen that you hate a thing, that is better for you"
11, 216

"A monstrous word it is, issuing from their mouths, they say nothing but a lie"
XV11, 5

What is clear from here, in the big scheme of things, that wahhabism isn't even the natural state for the Arabian Peninsula, so why would
we want it dictating the character of Islam, and social relations, in this, or any other country:


droll, CK, very droll indeed,

yes, into a komodo dragon, or possibly that bulbous creature outside Jabba's palace. Pamuk's "Museum of Innocence" is a good read, btw

No, my green scaly friend, it would indicate that folks shouldn't pay attention to him, yet they do, sadly, as with other characters too
numerous to discuss

Yes you have Al Sharpton, who did provoke a riot that killed people at
Freddie's Fashion Mart, who did slander local law enforcement personnel, yet keeps getting invited as arbiter, commentator, et al.
You're making my point for me,

If someone did a similar thing in your fair city, and a major religious figure gave such a mealy mouthed response, well we'd never hear
the end of it

"Most recently that anger has surfaced in Malaysia, where 60% of the people are Malays. The High Court’s ruling that Allah is not exclusive to Muslims led to the fire bombing of some churches and protests among Malays, who fear Catholics are trying to manipulate the word to win Malay converts."

This should not be.

Does this seem like a proper response, to such an act??

No, it's been everything since the Lappen article that I RecBrowed seemingly eons ago, they firebombed churches and that is his answer,

Obfuscation is the coin of the day, this excerpt from 2001, including Bloomberg's Salafi apologist Siraj, is typical;


This seems like an undue incitement to violence, don't you think, or at least a rationalization after the fact;


Hamas is not a terrorist organization, is that such a tough question, it should be an easy one, if he weren't so invested in the outcome, if
Perdana were actually a peace organization, instead of 'being on the other side" as Glenn Reynolds describes it.

Well needless to say this doesn't help things:

I think I've made that point quite clear, CK, over the last six threads, I would like to see that Manji and a whole host of others, would more directly confront the Islamist current, but what we get is more like Fenton and Levick, whitewashing the Hambali strains of the movement, along with promoting the AGW fraud, which includes locking up our own resources, disarming our nation, and dumbing down
the next generation

See that was one lilypad of foolishness, too far, Eh Frog, interestingly
Imam Rauf styles himself a Sufi but hangs around with the openly
Hambali Hamas affiliated IHIH,

There is a deep and abiding cynical arrogance, you think you can rewrite the genetic code, you think man is greater than nature, that is the arrogance of the Alliance, the Wahhabs arose against the Ottomans, one particular tribe in the mix was described by Doughty more than a hundred years, in terms not unlike we would use for the REavers. The Brits took over from the Mogul Empire, BP's earlier incarnation, AngloPersian, helped facilitate the alliance of bazzaaris
and mullahs that forced out Mossadeq

Ah Matoko, you wannabe Alliance apparatchik, you forget that the Reavers were the failure of an attempt to re-engineer aggressiveness
out of the human condition, in that case put me with the fighters of
Serenity Valley

Ck, have you ever known matoko/strangelet/wheeler's cat, to really
address a point, honestly. Now Islamism is a counter to modernity, as the original Wahabs were to the Ottomans, Qutb was to post colonial Egypt and Nasserism, et al

That's very silly Kate, there has been a propensity toward violence, in much of the early Surahs as much as you want to deny it, the assault
on Khaybar and Yathrib, 'the first occupied territory' one might say is an indication of this, the annexation of everything South of Gaul woul
refute that, unless you argue they were all combatants. The widespread practices of slavery, the taking of the Zanj, those were
all aberrations.