@ fertilizing treefrog:

I am grateful to you for your comment. I always enjoy the originality of your language and thoughts, but I have never been able to understand how such an innovative writer can support the most hackneyed, powerful political force on earth: anti-Zionism. Who are you to jump on the bandwagon?

Perhaps you feel you are not supporting anti-Zionism but merely being critical of Israel. Critical shmitical. There isn't a soul in the world who hasn't been critical of Israel. It's easy to be critical of the most hated country on earth. Frogs shouldn't jump on bandwagons.

@ fertilizing frog:

I have never met a Jew who was not critical in some way of different aspects of Judaism or Jewish culture. Most Jews oppose the policies of the Ultra-Orthodox. Joining them would be boring. I, on the other hand, always say unexpected things.

Good to hear the news, fertilizing treefrog. Thank you.
Here's a new story that echoes old stories. Two car bombs killed people in Baghdad.

Is there a single soul in the world who benefits from these tragedies? I don't understand what good this could do to anyone's cause.
As is the case with the 7-year-old who was hanged, this is an opportunity for moderate Muslims to express their views.

@ fertilizing treefrog:

Thank you. I didn't find the story in the NYTimes print edition, and I don't regularly read the Daily News.
And thank you for giving the story an extra bit of publicity.

Here is an opportunity for moderate Muslims to make a point. Taliban has apparently hanged a 7-year-old boy for spying. Karzai has condemned it. The media have ignored it. They shouldn't. All Muslims should be given the chance to make their views known.