Comments on Islamophobia = Islamism (Replies to John) by Parson Logic T ReFog

narciso wrote:

Hezbollah is an extension of the Iranian Pasdaran network, how many Jews you think they would allow to live, considering their statements.

There are 15,000 Jews living in Tehran,and a dozen murdered since the Ayatollah took over.

Hostile, hateful bigots aren't genocidal maniacs. They're hostile,hateful bigots

@ narciso:

However, attaching collective guilt to all Muslims or to “Islam itself” for the acts of some Muslims is in my view just the flip side of refusing to address Islamism for fear of offending Muslims. Both approaches, beyond all of their other faults, wrongly validate the Islamists’ claim to represent Islam.

Cast shadows, narc, all you can, but don't claim to have darkened more than your evidence allows you to cover.