You know better than that ,CK, otherwise the Bush administration wouldn't have been in such bad odor, even before September 2008. Now what you mean is any attack by the right, has to be pitch perfect, even to those who have every intention of distorting both
the action and the intent. Similarly Hezbollah fired from populated
areas, in violation of the laws of war, and they get a pass. Hamas
blows up pizza parlors and synagogues, high value targets all, and
they get a pass, because they have a noble objective

For the life of me, I don't see how our sentiments and those of Allawi
are any different. I'll excuse the fact that Iraqiya is the local branch of
the Moslem Brotherhood, but it does not behave in that way, unlike other groups across the region.

Now are we to consider Hezbollah legitimate, why, what is the logic of that. Just like Hamas, it's objectives are not to clean the streets, feed the people, collect taxes, the goal is spelled out in the charter

Well it has done that more through 'the persuasion of power' than the power of persuasion, how many opponents to Hezbollah and their Syrian sponsor died just after the "Cedar REvolution" . Withdrawing from Southern Lebanon was a horrendous error in judgement, as it left
Hezbollah in charge, same with Hamas, in Gaza

Hezbollah is an extension of the Iranian Pasdaran network, how many Jews you think they would allow to live, considering their statements.
The flotilla occupants made explicit reference to Khaybar, what happened there, again, back around 610. Both Rauf and the Obama
administration want to legitimize a terrorist organization, as does that piece from Ashrarquat ,that cannot be allowed to happen

You've said Hamas, Hezbollah et al, isn't a terrorist group, but there are members who are. I pointed to AQ, and you say it is, although one could just characterzie it as amovement to force out all Western influence from the Middle East (as Gadahn's hudna plea, suggests)
however it is a manifestation of Radical Islam, which I agree with you, that of Wahhabi-Deobandi character, You say most Moslems are peaceful. also agree, but among those who are committed to their faith, in a systemic way, there is a preponderance of Wahhabi influence

I get it we cannot point out any manifestation of radical Islam, because that is prejorative of all of Islam, and we can't point to them
because you know the Crusades, the Inquisition are always to cast
a shadow over Christianity, that was suspiciously like the argument
that Bill Clinton used right after 9/11