Comments on Islamophobia = Islamism (Replies to John) by Rex Caruthers

When Atheists view Religious Wars,all parties look like idiots fairly equally. The Islamists create an ongoing PR nightmare for their religion,as do the Jews,frequently. And the Christians are hardly peacemakers,many are bloodthirsty for an Apacolyptic event.
"Wipe the Jews off the Map" "Bomb Bomb Iran" "Dump Phosphorus on Gaza" It's all so inspiring. Religion has been the basis for many cruel wars,Crusades,Reformation/Counter Reformation,Islamic Wars of Conquest,Shintoism destroying Confucianism,etc etc,Are things so different today? And when Religion teams up with State power,well,they all Suck.

Atheism really isn't a very attractive opinion until you start hearing the opinions of Jews,Christians,and Muslims concerning religion. The tragedy of all Religions is that the Founder passes on leaving the system to the followers to ruin.