@ George Jochnowitz:

I don't think he is artistic enough. And most of the homosexuals I know are really nice people.

The latest revelation from the trial of Rod Blagoyavich (whose name in SerboCroation means "boring goy") is that Governor Blago felt that 0bama was "hen pecked" or, more crudely put, "pw". This, I think is far more important than abstract discussions about faith and politics. Reality is far more important than any theories I think - what really happens between people counts far more than what somebody dreams up with a piece of paper and a pen.

I am not at all surprised that 0bama is hen pecked. I think it's not just Michelle. I think that other woman, Valerie Jarrett, is very manipulative and sneaky, and also has a lot of sway over the man. This is a guy who always has to prove himself to at least two dames who do not impress me as having a clue about what this nation means to most of us.

They are very bitter women. You can see it in their eyes, in their furtive glances. 0bama, himself, does not look people in the eyes. He lives in a world of abstractions, and the reality he brings is something very dangerous because it is so widely separated from our values.