Comments on Dialogue with John: Sacred Texts/Tests by Parson Logic T ReFog

@ CK MacLeod:

All American patriots root against the Lakers, and Sarah Palin's not speaking out on this issue goes pretty far in proving that she's out to destroy this country-

(and then I woke up and realized I had been turned into an anti-Fox commentator, but one imbued with all the wit and wisdom that the real Fox Force has attained.)

narciso wrote:

The reverse is true, CK, we deconstruct Christianity, we even give credence to the sort of rotgut that Dan Brown shells out, as faction,
yet we seem all to willing to take Islam as gospel, because it is the other

That's pretty startling, narc.

Who in hell here is willing "to take Islam as gospel" ?

@ George Jochnowitz:

Well, George, the Christians have killed a hell of a lot more Jews than the Moslems, and if the Moslems don't change into friends of the Jews for another 500 years, they'll still be well ahead of the Christians' timetable, won't they?