Maybe if it was a profile of Major Hassan, CK, he is showing how the Salafi presence dominates even in the secularized upper middle class
which one would think were not 'poor ignorant, and easy to command' which is the media template for jihadism

That one, belongs in the Rec Brow, i trust it's not too controversial for
our Czar

Rex, I don't see what that comment has to do with 41, we have an out of control government, a leviathan that lays waste to everything
it touches, yet we are supposed to go on out own way, pretending
it doesn't exist, like Harvey the invisible rabbit.

Yes I'm sure they thought that CK, but that's not the way it turned out, if there was equal attention to flagrant antisemitic (like the Zundel case)and AntiChristian rhetoric, it has become a preserve of critiques of radical Islam. Warren who's lived in Lahore, for a time, Steyn and Levant who point out inconvenient truths, in our neighbor
to the North, Bawer, who is more genuinely concerned with authoritarian trends in the tolerant Scandinavia, Berlinski whose notice this in Turkey and France, among others.

I meant that metaphorically, Frog, how was the crucifixion, inverted, it was a check against a challenge to Roman authority, but not a political
one, hence the dismissal by factions such as the Sicari

Except the crucifixion did happen, it appears in the accounts of Tacitus and Josephus, the historians of that era. for a good deal of the first centuries it was certainly an outlaw sect, now one might argue that Constantine's idenitification with it, was the first mistake

I think a good deal of the problem with the Church, really began when it had to assert governmental authority in the Dark Ages, that made
it vulnerable to these sorts of problems, typical of political systems

The reverse is true, CK, we deconstruct Christianity, we even give credence to the sort of rotgut that Dan Brown shells out, as faction,
yet we seem all to willing to take Islam as gospel, because it is the other

Honestly are we going to take the word, of the Jesus Seminar, the kind of deconstructionist circle jerk, that's got us in this mess in the first place

As opposed to the Baqr (SCIRI) and Sadrist(Da'wa) schools, the late Musa Sadr , the founder of Amal, seemed to have a similar attitude, to
Sistani, had he lived, instead of been murdered by Quaddafi, likely
Hezbollah would not have developed the same way, as a catspaw
of the Iranian Guard.

It reveals that in the end he may play at being a revolutionary leader, but he's a machine politician from one of the most sordid apparati in the country. Now my neck of the woods, gets a bad rap for patterns
that happen South of the border, but a little acknowledgement that
some of this was imported from Midwestern political machines, is always left out of the picture

Yet Carroll really only indicts Christianity, in the same vein as Cornwell,
Goldenhagen et al. Mohammed or more generally the Caliph's Sword,
would be somewhat redundant