Comments on Was I wacked at HotAir? by narciso

McFrog, you really went over the line, by mentioning his parents, in an adhominem way, there really was no excuse for that, it exceeded the light of permissable dialogue, not that I would act like Elena Kagan, and say it should be banned

That is a tautology, brought to you by the kind of folks that Eric Blair
said 'there are some things so ridiculous than only an intellectual can believe them' Examples in that time, were Professor Laski's complaint
that FDR had failed because he did not impose full socialism during the
New Deal, like Stalin did. The notion between 1939-1941, that Nazi
Germany was more interested in peace then the Western Democracies,
hence his formulation about EastAsia and Eurasia. In the present day,
the idea than can revert to the preindustrial civilization of 1750 without
enormous economic and social turmoil, that is the core of cap n trade

"What color is the sky on your world, Usul", I mean Kate, Allah except for the GZ issue, and I think that he's a NYer first and foremost plays
a part, in this, plus the actual facts, play a part. You would think that
Sufis would be concerned about such a thing. About Ed, like I say he's been generally fair, and factual on most issues, that's just water under
the bridge.

What do they do with the oil revenue, CK, they funnel into zakats like IIRO, Rabita, WAMY, which subsidize the kind of institutions one sees
outside of DC, in Finsbury Park, the organizations that recruited Hamid
to Gamaa Islamiya, which you can't even point out publically or you incur the kind of hardship that Levant, Steyn and Bawer, not to mention Van Gogh have suffered

Yes they do, say that, every day, in McClatchy, the Times, the Post, the Guardian, et al , and that's just among those who as Glenn Reynolds says, 'are on the other side' this is how they rationalize every word and deed first of Communism, and now Salafi and Wahhabis

Now it's shorthand, much like the oft quoted comment about Western Media, which has a sliver of truth to it, not like the equivalence of the CDS

Ouch, that kind of strikes me as unwarranted, then again I liked Ed better when he was Captain's Corner, breaking Ad SCam and Allah's
more light hearted solo effort

I actually met Morrisey once, and he seems a nice guy, Allah I suspect
is some kind of replicant or other mechanism, last seen on 'Space Above and Beyond,' one of those underrated series destroyed by Fox's
promotional department, along with Firefly

Come on CK, Hot Air is not such a font of orthodoxy, C4P for instance
arose out of some visitors there, including two that now advise the
Gov. frustration with Allah's RINOishness and the proliferation of trolls
like fair Kate the eugenic bot. Now the GR I consider a cut above,