Comments on Was I wacked at HotAir? by Rex Caruthers

CK,I was thinking about our sense of Societal Superiority,and religious bigotry towards Islam,like their biggest export is the suicide bomber. (BTW as an aside,our biggest export in the last decade has been Mortgage Based derivatives,talk about Suicide) Anyway, if its fair to paint Islamic Society as a generator of suicide bombers and honor killers,is it unfair to paint American society as a generator of Serial Murderers and Rapists? The only difference that I see between a Serial Murderer and a Suicide Bomber is Timeframe,the former takes years to kill his 50-100,the latter does it at once. I understand that currently there are more than 200 KNOWN Serial Killers operating in the US,that's 4 per state. And who can keep up with Rapists,their # is Legion. We spend a lot of time pinpointing the aspects of Islamic society that produce their monsters,but we have a process that minimizes our society's responsibility in producing our monsters. We say that we have freedom here,and the cost of Freedom is that we can Choose to be a Serial Murderer. In Iran,with its lack of Freedom,I'm guessing that its difficult for Serials to flourish. Last year there were less than 100 total murders in Holland with a population of 14 million. In my city,an area of less than 300,000 produces 300 murders per year. I'm I being unfair here?