Comments on Was I wacked at HotAir? by strangelet

@ MadisonConservative:no....the Highlander's problem is intelligence and honesty.
He cannot make a good hotair commenter, he goes off message far too much.
AllahP and i were friends once upon a time.
Before Malkin pithed and neutered him.
Its all about the paycheck.
I don't take it personal anymore.

He did give up the girl GILF.
fixed that for yah.

@ CK MacLeod: my great objection to Palin is that she is unfit to serve. the tension between the two poles of liberal vs conservative mindset is the energy that makes the Grand Experiment work. 50 years ago the conservative side of the American psyche chose boutique libertarianism, demagoguery, and racism over classic liberalism and real libertarianism.
Now the correction begins.
and Palin can do nothing to help restore the tension.
she is a shallow, venal, petty, vindictive carny-barker without a nano-particle of intellectual curiousity or native intelligence.
And she has become the whole symbology of the conservative side. evil intellectual-substrate free succubus that is battening on the collective resentment of the conservative inferiority complex.

@ narciso:
Common people repent from their sins, the Sufi repent from ignorance. --Zunnun

@ CK MacLeod:lawl.
link please?
i missed it.

and.....AllahP is smart enough to scope the demographic timer.
he's makin' a buck while he can.
a whole of what AllahP does is just heartening-up the soon-to-be losing side for as long as possible......or as long as its possible to sell conservative dreams of a return to power. A semi-plausible denial of demographic doom. And even that gets him called Eeyore.
in the country of the blind conservatives the one-eyed man atheist starving-lawyer is king.

and there is a reason we all call Ed--> Cap'n Stupid.
hes not bright.
he got sukkered big time by the weapons in the Bekkah and the Harmony database scam.
he's a nice christian family man that went to the university of wrong, like Joe Carter.

AllahP and i were friends back in the day.
we stayed up late and wrote drunken haiku mocking the Instapundit with Jeff Goldstein and the koolkidz at Protein Wisdom.
AllahP and CJ were close too.
Obama becoming president made Jeff and AllahP crazy.
I don't have any other way of explaining it.
They just went tharn.
But you have something in common with both of're all palincrackheads.
im immune to that GILF stuff......guess its a grrl-thang.

lawl, failed message discipline, did you?
AllahP and I were friends once upon a time, before Malkin pithed and neutered him.
its a paycheck, don't take it personal.
Morrissey OTOH is just stupid.