Comments on Was I wacked at HotAir? by MadisonConservative

@ Parson Logic T ReFog:

Then, by all means, let your true self go. After all, when you wish someone's parents dead, ostensibly because they dislike the attitude of some writer on the internet, it's entirely improper that they not acquiesce to whatever questions you demand of them.

I can see why you're a fan of CK.

@ Parson Logic T ReFog:

Hm. Hopes that my parents have died. I can see the kind of classy people CK surrounds himself with.

As to CK's nocturnal emission about my having any interest in him, I decided to drop a line after receiving a few emails pointing out your gormless palaver. What's truly fascinating is that HAers rarely come to this site, yet you reference them so frequently. Perhaps you should analyze your own obsessions before misdiagnosing others.

Poor baby. You took an unpopular position and people gave you hell over it. Let me pet your head.

Oh, that's right. This is the internet. Get used to it. Remember a while ago when there was a bit of back-and-forth about Palin and McCain? Lots of hell thrown at both sides. Get used to it. Remember my advice on your tone and condescending manner? Notice how numerous others noted it as time went on? Get used to it, because until you come to terms with the fact that your feces gives off just as pungent an aroma as the rest of the blogosphere's, you're going to wander in a haze of narcissistic befuddlement as to how all the plebians are not dazzled by your scribblings.

The problem isn't, wasn't, and never will be, the side you choose. The problem is your attitude. Your self-absorbed snide. Your gargantuan ego. If you want an honest discussion, put it aside when you pose your argument. So far, all you've been doing is lecturing people on what you think, laced with hints that if they don't agree, that they're ignorant or bigoted. Knock it off, and you might be less despised.