He is, isn't he, I linked that one, since we were talking about the Road
earlier in the thread

And you want to surrender to them, when you strip out the 8th grade
semiotics, that has never worked before

Sinve there was a discussion of the Road, Doctor Zero pairs it with the Book of Eli, to make an important point, about the genre


They are seriously nuts over there, how does one stay sane; they make the town in Footloose, seem like Vegas

There were a lot of intervening factors, the defeat of the German army, the intervention of the US, is there any alternative system
in Arabia,

The problem is Wahhabism, it's in the mother's milk they feed the lads and lasses, which encourages them to become good shaheeds, it's
also apparently in the stateside curriculum at places like the ISA, which
the Honorable Gerry Connelly voted on expanding before he came to Congress. Now what is the antidote to that sort of conditioning

I'm not reassured, the BOHICA plot out of the Phillipines was the same way, the '93 plot showed similar ineptness, everyone is a total nebbish
till they succeed in blowing something up, the left is the tacit ally of
the Salafi, they hold no understanding of the consequences of strategic failure and they don't care to

" Though the Dems/Left have done their best to strip that message of its content," Ask yourself why did they do this, and have they learned
a lesson from any of this, they swallowed the Levick Group's pr campaign whole, they chose whenever possible, a psycho (Dean)
a defeatist fop (Kerry, made his career in this type of demoralization)
and Obama, I'm not sure what kind of characterization I want to tag him with, according to the Chicago reader excerpt in Ryan Lizza's
July 2008 New Yorker, he didn't want to engage in either Afghanistan
or Iraq, he just wanted understanding

Well the next step would either be a mass casualty biological or chemical attack, or nuclear, Rex is already blaming Israel and nothing
has happened yet. Some days I think Ferrigno wasn't so jaundiced about our current outcomes. That bit in last nights Rec Brow about the Pakistanis complaining about Afghan style Pashtunwali was rich
in irony and mineral, I assumed Lagushka linked it (Russian for Frog)

That it is the Buckman strategy out of Kratman's dystopic Caliphate,
or Belmont's third conjectures, you think it would work out that way,
or would there be more recrimination over Israel as you are all too willing to entertain. I don't want to consider that outcome, that's exactly why we need to do certain things now, to head that off

It seems so much of what passes for truth, is exaggerated our outright
lies, David Fenton, who heads up the archipelago of leftist organizations that massage the need for a progressive agenda 24/7 was the one behind the ALAR fraud, which he used to set up the NRDC which promotes other frauds like AGW, and the practical implementation of this, one of the members of this supposed 'neutral' commission on the oil spill is a surprise, surprise, a head of the NRDC, which is now forcing all the drillers to consider an exodus out of the gulf like Agamemnon's flotilla to Troy. Is it mere incompetence or just malice carried out incompetently

Yes a large part of the Wahhabi ilkwan perished in the Sands of Iraq,
a larger proportion than their first go around, in 1925-1929, when
Major John Glubb was avoiding the chaos of the precipitous retreat.
The State Department and the UN, accomodate the shariah law requirement against the advice of the late Hume Horan, who had seen how this worked in practice in Arabia, he also asked that Moqtada be "taken care of' before he became a baby Fadlallah to the people of
formerly Saddam City, now Sadr city

Obama also argued in Cairo, where the Mubarak is now going on thirty years, that's longer than the Shah, for those with the home game,
that 'democracy cannot be imposed from abroad' He ignored that Gitmo served as a way to disconnect these fellows from the jihadi effort and letting them loose, reverses the process

Really, you prefer the madrassahs of the North West Frontier, because that's what is entailed. There's no Sufi learning at the Haqquania, if you missed that detail. You ultimately like the Taliban, the Chechen
Islamic Emirate that's the only explanation

Well he was a "moderate Baathist' a not too distant relative of Chalabi, the man we're supposed to hate, even though as Hitchens point, most of the others wouldn't be there otherwise.but one notices how little attention he gets. That Kemal fellow in Turkey is another one, which we put our hopes with.

That is the frightening thing, you don't really know, one of 7/7 bombers
was the equivalent of a youth counselor, with solidly middle class roots, who followed Awlaki's path to the Muridke mosque in Lahore

Well a Deerfield and Sandhurst grad like King Abdullah (the other one) is as they say 'a good egg' then again Ignatius and Fesperman have a little too exaggerated a view of Jordanian institutions. I learned at the
feet of Glenn REynolds, as the Arabs found Iraq illegitimate around 2003, now with Allawi in charge, crickets, remember I am the ultimate
idealist, but I'm no fool

So why does it seem like the only flavor offered is Radical Islam, from the Algerian GIA to Hamas the Turkish AKP, Lee Smith is right, the only
authentic Islam, is frequently anti American, and anti Israeli.

I get all that, but what is the point of involving such an iconic figure, in so vile a medium,

The fair Katherine, doesn't understand what counterinsurgency entails, which includes some parochial outreach for lack of a better term, as well as the local Sheikhs, plus she just gets on my nerves

Adjusted for population, that were probably the figures of the Phillipine insurgency, which was manifestly less important in the great scheme of things. We are working with Sistani, but I don't think that's what you want. You want the majority of Wahhabi/Deobandi mosques to go unchallenged, well it worked so well for Mansour Al Hallaj, didn't it

It does nothing of the kind, he did it because he could, because the NEA is willing to fund this kind of tripe, instead of great art. Lets not overintellectualize this,

No, it captures no truth, it frankly promotes a lie, and insults a religion in the bargain

Taheri's description of AJAx and the aftermath, the way Zahir Shah transitioned to Amin and Taraki, fits in that view, CK, Although it's
hard to see where Arabia fits into that category. King Abdullah is
clearly a moderate, in the big scheme of things

Now it's true that both Dred Scott, authored by that ultimate Jacksonian, Roger Taney, and whoever wrote Plessy, Brown I think, betrayed the promise of the founding, and Wilson the ultimate Bourbon
doubled down, on the outrage

btw, the Da'wa was founded by Muqtada's grandfather, not Hezbollah, although it took Musa Sadr's death, similarly to turn that splinter of Amal into an Iranian puppet, thanks to Sistani that has not happened

Yes it doesn't change the facts that Sufis are an endangered species
in any Moslem state, 'from Afghanistan to Zanzibar' to quote one wag on the subject, and you defend their practices and even compare
believing Christians to it, and no the Wolves are more noble, maybe
the Volturi are a closer match

That's just too much post modern semiotic mumbo jumbo, that reads well on paper, but doesn't ring true. It is necessary tobring down the good, the decent, the patriotic, in order to 'fundamentally transform'
the society.

No, that is not it at all, it's is the idea that Serrano's blasphemy, and I don't think it needs quotation marks qualifies as art. The trangressive
gets the NEA and other grants, and the Times celebrates it, whereas
when it comes to other critical elements, like say the Mohammed cartoons, they refer to Serrano and the elephant dung guy.

I saw Dexter during the writer's strike, and yes it represents the rise of that reptilian part of the mind, and doesn't really put our local metropolis in a very good light, but like noir it does represent a certain cold amoral judgement

Well what is the line to paraphrase Churchill 'Capitalism is the worst system in the world, except for all the others" but that doesn't really explain it properly. One would think the influence of the FRankfurt
School and Gramscian infiltration probably has more to it. The lack of any meaningful 'moral and civic' education, is certainly a symptom

The problem is General Bolden's stated mission is just to jarring to too many, there's a reason it was announced on Al Jazeera, it's yet another 'no we can't' moment,

Well we take one at a time, The Twilight series is written by a Mormon
housewife in Phoenix, not some PR consultant in LA. She does seem to find the native American culture (the werewolves) more highly than
the Wasp (the Cullens and Vampires in general) I saw the first segment of True Blood, and it was truly disturbing, Dexter's creator Lindsay is a very twisted individual, most of these are not on regular
TV, but there is a propensity toward the aberrant, one assumes part
of Schumpeter's creative destruction, but I think it's more than that

There is a larger question,that you chose to sidestep, what is it about today, that disdains beauty, that holds such a dark mirror to our own
culture, that disdains technology, even it is an indispensable part of our society, And conversely considers critique of the Other sacrosanct

Well I wouldn't go as far to say it is exclusively Muslim, but among the Salafi/Hambali, these are vile practices, more fitting the Iblis and his djinn, but receive relatively little condemnation from the usual authorities