Comments on All the little Tea Party Americans in the world by Ill Papa Fuster

narciso wrote:

That’s a certain Valley as I understand it, from what I’ve read

take care that your reading does not include cheese graters.

@ CK MacLeod:
You do not spring, full blown, like Minerva from the head of Zeus?

only fluffing the robot because the robot was fluffing you, Tsar, you've been sounding like a fair fluffing would do wonders in getting your head up.

(and I'm almost surprised to hear that you admit to have heard of fluffing, you show-bizzing rascal)

@ Randy Mader:
This occasionally is a pretty good site and our Tsar oft merits all the rose petals.

@ narciso:

oh, the suffering of those gerbils!

@ narciso:

good comeback. one point for you.

and I hope that isn't a cordless mic or you might have to pull it out with your teeth.

@ narciso:

when you can explain who burned the witch's church, go right ahead.... but cut back on all the "other stuff" a little.
When you start linking HuffPo and Salon with Alaska, you pretty much have a muffled sound.

@ narciso:
no, narc, I don't understand the purpose of these statements, and you understand them but slenderly.

it said Tea Partly American

@ Zoltan Newberry:

You should have been here in '68, during the garbage strike.

@ Zoltan Newberry:
When did you leave?

@ narciso:

See comment 28 and stop telling me what new Yorkers think, you wanker.

You got something to support your assertion, post it.

@ narciso:

You're narced up and haven't the right to tell anyone what NYC thinks.

@ Scientific Socialist: Not a reply to my question, SS.

Not "the tide has turned", not them black people what ain't oppressed still act mean and call names, not there's blacks who hate whites.

Are there or not still big bunches of Americans that think and talk shirt about blacks and are there bunches of them allied with and inside the Tea Parties?

Does the Tea Party have groups of people like this?

@ Sully:

You guys have driven each other a little past where you should have gone.

less heat, more fun ..... Six Scimitars !!

@ Sully:

You guys have driven each other a little past where you should have gone.

less heat, more fun ..... Six Scimitars Over Texas!!

Sully wrote:

Do I sense collective guilt being assigned

It's difficult to know what sense you have, Sully, about the assignment of collective guilt.

Why not instead inquire as to whether other folks meant to also indulge?

@ Scientific Socialist:

Are you saying that there are no racists harboring ill-will toward black people and it's all just paranoia?

No kids, we don't have to accept the evil Salafis, the New Black Panther Party or the racist crackpots within the tea parties.

Screw 'em all.