General Order Number Sixty Seven - First Draft by Cornelius Thadeus MacLeod

General Valeriano Weyler y Nicolau has brought it to the attention of this command that certain impetuous and even rough members of this force have been insufficiently respectful of the forces of His Hispanic Majesty Alfonso XIII. In addition there has been talk of charging up San Juan hill instead of proceeding at a stately walk as has been ordered. . .

@ CK MacLeod:

Actually I think a couple of grandmas did say they had turned back from that polling place after seeing the fellow with his club.

But you are right that it isn't a big deal. I'm sure there won't be more than a few thousand or so fellows packing heat on election day this year. Which may actually be why the Justice Department let that fellow off, since a violent incident would serve their leader's purposes.

@ CK MacLeod:

Declaration of Independence - final draft by Jedediah MacLeod KCB

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should first denounce any and all adherents to their cause and sympathizers with their objectives who are accused by their oppressors of failing the strictest tests of purity of heart and disinteredness of motives regardless of the flimsiness of evidence presented by their accusers and the ulterior motives of said accusers lest. . .

@ CK MacLeod:

You have no basis for denying the truth of my description

He has no obligation to disprove your description. You and the NAACP have the obligation to prove it.

Presumably there is more evidence than those seven pictures. Where is the video of a proven Tea Partier spouting hate like that Black Panther dude whose voter intimidation Michelle's husband whitewashed?

If wanting "states’ rights/restraint on the federal government, low taxes, cultural self-defense" is racist then I stand with the racists and so do a whole lot of Americans. And I will not apologize for it to an organization that tolerates Al Sharpton or a First Lady who spent twenty years of Sundays attending the church of Jeremiah Wright.

I'm with narcisco. Not an inch. Let the NAACP cast out the beam in its own eye before the Tea Party even thinks about addressing the mote in its.

@ CK MacLeod:

How about a little admixture of simple common sense verified through personal experience?

Okay. From my own observations perhaps 10% of people in this country are colorblind in all their deeds and thoughts. The Tea Party and all other groups of people including more that 10% of Americans must therefore include racists.

The current president of the United States is not colorblind in all his deeds and thought as amply demonstrated by his books. And don't even get me started about "clean and well spoken" Joe Biden. The Democratic Party therefore includes at least two stone cold racists beyond the ex clan leader they buried last week.

The Democratic Party has demonstrably implemented many government program over the past fifty years that seem better designed to destroyed the families of tens of millions of minority citizens than to help them. And, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, the teachers' unions it has furthermore condemned tens of millions of minority citizens to terrible educations that don't prepare them well for the world of work.

Yet the NAACP works hand in hand with the Democratic Party and has done nothing effective to oppose the above.

And you expect me to credit the NAACP as giving a damn about the welfare of minority citizens who don't make their livings as race hustlers?

@ CK MacLeod:

And no one at the NAACP, or the NBPP, or god knows who else, cropped me.

We have only your word on that, and even assuming the person who posts here as CK MacLeod is a real person and can be trusted to write what he believes to be the truth he may be biased and "completely unconscious of it."

@ CK MacLeod:

And if y’all Tea Party Americans want to see a lot more of that kind of thing, just keep on keeping on like you are.

And if y'all want to see folks driven to take up extreme positions just keep on keeping on encouraging folks to call anybody who states an opinion on a whole range of legitimate issues a racist.

You poo poohed it; but the fact is that I now discount all supposed evidence produced by anyone associated with the Democratic Party and the news media other than Fox, and a whole list of leftist organizations in the same way leftists reflexively discount all evidence produced by folks like Glenn Beck except with more reason.

Congressmen did lie about being called names and spat upon after purposely trying to set up an incident. That fellow Bellisles (or whatever) who wrote the lying book about gun usage in colonial and later America just wrote another book that was published,and he is still treated as a serious academic by a whole swath of the left. President Obama's current Supreme Court nominee clearly manipulated scientific evidence for ideological reasons. Dan Rather and his team at a major network clearly faked evidence or knowingly trafficked in faked evidence to influence an election. Photos of Tea Party people (like photos of those convoy people) have been cropped. Al Sharpton did knowingly attempt to destroy a career among other things in the Tawana Brawley case even though he knew it was all a lie. Bill Clinton's people did lie about church burnings in order to inflame racial hatred. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes what looks like willingness to manipulate the news and evidence for ideological reasons is precisely what it appears to be.

And now you tout seven photos on an NAACP web site as proof that the Tea Party is racist. If they had seven hundred photos I wouldn't accept them as evidence until each and every one had been proofed. And then I would suspect agents provocateurs. And with perfectly good reason.

@ narciso:

Given that there are members of the Black Panthers who have appeared in proximity to NAACP members at events. And, given that there is actual footage of that Black Panther guy espousing genocide openly on the street, it's reasonable to conclude that there may be "an element of truth" to an assertion that the NAACP is a genocidal organization. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of its members.

Seven photos of racist signs that are claimed to have been taken at protests that have involved hundreds of thousands of people! And those photos presented by an organization that includes members who have clearly borne false witness in the past.

I too have relatives who are racist; but not one of them is remotely as racist as Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and The Reverend Wright, all of whom have been treated with respect and have even been honored by the NAACP. And I've never seen those three named worthies in their private moments, so I'm probably underestimating just how vile and despicable they are.

As to the photos, they could easily have been carried by agents provocateur, or they could have been photoshopped. The left has certainly carried out such operations in the past.

@ Ill Papa Fuster:

When you're right, you're right.

I hereby declare a hudna that will extend until such time as I'm next ready to attack.

And I've gotten fully fed up with having people run around calling a broad slice of the population racists based at the whisper of a claim that a derogatory word was hurled (false), spittle was launched (false) and intentions are bad (false).

Seen in any reasonable light the Tea Party is a cry of rage by people from across the racial spectrum at a transparent attempt to reorder society and massively increase the size and power of government on the strength of a thin majority win in one election. And this by a profoundly cynical movement that openly claims the plain words of the Constitution mean whatever nine judges say they mean.

@ Ill Papa Fuster:

Why not instead inquire as to whether other folks meant to also indulge?

Because I've gotten fully fed up with observing a fellow with beams in both eyes flailing around straining at motes.

When I hear that all Tea Party people have accepted as divinely inspired a text calling for all non Tea Party people to be converted by the sword or forced to submit I'll be prepared to consider the reasonableness of assignment of collective guilt. When I hear that death has been prescribed as punishment for renunciation of membership in the Tea Party I'll assign it myself.

and, worse, will have an element of truth to it

Do I sense collective guilt being assigned by one who is hypersensitive to any hint of that in other venues?

Some might call that vile; but not I, of course.