Comments on All the little Tea Party Americans in the world by Scientific Socialist

So you think the NAACP is making an honest claim/charge against the Tea Party. And you base this on some verbose rubbish about the supposed nature of these people and the issues they find important. You sound a lot like Andrew Sullivan and that is not a compliment.

Different folks see things differently, and you seem to have a lot of very basic differences with what drives most conservative thought, from Buckley to Reagan to Palin to Beck.

You want the Tea Party to apologize for some imaginary bigots among them. You want to give credence to what I see as a naked abuse of the issue of racism, my definition of the race card.

They play the race card for dupes, and your long winded arguments leave me with the impression that you are either an oblivious dupe or a very cynical wordsmith playing rhetorical games with our valuable time.

The Tea Party has not been around long enough for anyone to make generalizations about it or its members.

On the other hand, Colin, it really surprises me that you cannot recognize the obvious demagoguery at work here on the part of those who wish to marginalize and discredit the vast majority of those people who quite innocently belive they are affirming the most virtuous principles they have when they participate in Tea Party events.

This is your blog, and, unfortunately, it has become a kind of soap box on which you dismiss Beck, Palin, and others who are part of a solution to the growing tyranny. You are loosing that magic feeling, my man.

@ Ill Papa Fuster:
We are well past the boy who shouted wolf stage on the widespread misuse of the racist bidness.

In a kind of perverse way, people like Michelle where is my trust fund 0bama are the neo racists, with their hair trigger temperment, ever ready to spout on about racism. The tide has turned, and the general response to this rubbish will increasingly be "there they go agan; touchy touchy!"

Are you saying sensitive people should pander to black paranoia?

If you lived in any one of dozens of urban environments you would quickly see how even white liberals now feel entitled to play the race card.

When they quickly run out of logical arguments, they lash out with personal attacts based soley on their natural ability to read other people's minds. Its as natural to them as their sense of rhythm and abiility to jump.

This kind of reasoning may also help one conclude that Daniel Pearl's
Dad is an Islamophobe.

Race Card = Moral Bankruptcy & desperation. It's a dirty tactic which used to work, and which will now boomerang on the race baiting Democrat demagogues.

It's a good example of the clumsy banality of the left, and I hope they keep making fools out of themselves.

You are wasting your time giving them any credibility when they deserve nothing but scorn.