That's a certain Valley as I understand it, from what I've read

Spambots usually have you know spam, maybe he was sincere

That does seem to be the strategy that you recommend, accept the media template, that the events that they use to frame the debate happened, the spitting, the slurs, et al, Ignore how they have ignored
actual instances of violence by SEIU and other members. Let Think Progress and Josh's outfit set the debate, just like we let CAIR determine what is and is not Islamic radicalism

what is that line 'about satire is what closes on Saturday night' Williams was a very stupid, take on the idiocy of Kansas City, about
as smart as when the TPX endorsed Minnick over the Republican candidate, REally stand up comedy isn't his gig, you're not helping.
You see now why she took it upon herself to take the offense

Now when someone says that an organization is the "Genetic Descendant of the White Citizens' councils, that deserves a certain
amount of proof, When some one scoffs at 1776, the very founding
of our country, coincidentally the Muhammad Al Wahhab's influence

Tou know I'm in a very 'Howard Beale' mood today, yet another disastrous bill, was passed. an administration that has seemingly allowed the Gulf to be ruined, in order to cue up yet another legislative priority, 'cap and trade' and to suppress out own domestic energy
production, Goldman following the Corcoran model, has secured themselves a parachute, Polanski is free because of the merits of
the case, but other issues. and we're having this sterile round robin
of a debate

Weyler , the father of the 'Reconcentracion' we'll get those annoying
bitter clinging rebels, I thought order 66 was harsh enough.

If you're going to compare apples and apples, I guess Tancredo or
Farah's addresses at the TPC in Nashville are closest to the NAACP
event, not actually racist, but full of stupid and counterproductive
language, this may be why she chose the focus she did for her speech. Now around this time last year, she paid tribute to the founding feminists at Seneca falls, and the true abolitionist William
Seward in Auburn, who happens to be the 'father of Alaska' as US

This one even Wiegel found to ludicrous to support:

Another example, from the archive of the forgotten;

I'm sure they meant well, specially insinuating that she would savage
the weakest among us, like her own son

So, the caliber of this organization from the outset;

But by all means, lets just surrender any actual position to Obama's ruinous economic, (this odious FrankenDodd legislation, the slashing
of our defense, the tsunami of new taxes, that will drown any trace
of an economy. Forget that they issued this statement to cover up
a paramilitary organization, suppressing the vote in Philadelphia, which
Wiegel calls 'Megyn's Minstrel show'

In point of fact, you know it doesn't work like that, recall that 'kill'em'line that was supposedly uttered at a Palin rally except that the Secret Service says they have no recollection of that. Now if you want to be technical about, he was speaking in his capacity as an opponent of the Mosque, in point of fact, that was quite ignorant, it would be the moon god.

The NAACP has been known on at least two occasions mentioned before, to use inflammatory language, 2000 and 2006. The previous
director Ben Chavis, had some violent altercations in his youth

So small government is racist, so said John Lewis, back in '95. so is defending your country, Rangel said as much about tax cuts, thy don't have to yell the N Word anymore. We oppose Obama just because of
the color of his skin, not the texture of his radical politics, not his association with every noxious organization quite nearly on god's green earth. Garofolo, Ratigan, et al has said as much. Are you really going to go there,

We admitted that Dale Robertson was a doofus, they still hung him around the tea party, Bush admitted that Iraq hadn't gone great, no credit for that.

Armitage's role in the Plame matter was covered up, even though Libby had actually saved his bacon once upon a time. Conrad Black was convicted on charges that were almost entirely false, Ted Stevens may have been a crook, but they still framed him. Stuart Smalley seems to have walked into the Senate 6 months later
thanks to Felon votes. The folks at Haditha were found not guilty of
the charges that the late Congressman Murtha and Taiban "Tim" McGuirk penned on them. The people who were in the pocket of
firms like AIG and Countrywide, wrote the bill that will create new
disasters. Do you notice a pattern here

How about we don't concede a thing, CK, they never do, and thanks to the press and the educational establishment, their' leavings' don't stink. Dale Robertson was a fraud, he was found and dismissed but the likes of Wiegel still used him as a foil. I'm sure there are others, but the tender concerns of the NAACP for the Tea Parties sensibilities wasn't the point, the point is to destroy your opponent utterly, we've been seeing this since the first really unbearably dishonest campaign in recent memory in '64, which gave us the Vietnam and the Civil Rights Bill,well 50/50 isn't bad huh.

That wasn't readily apparent twenty year ago, was it, there may have been some reason for the anger, we've had similar outbreaks in Miami
on three different occasions with less provocations. But what happens
when you unneccessarily gin up certain audience who don't realize it's
not '67 all over again

No I didn't say, I don't think even Sully made that point, although we have seen cropping of certain pictures, like the miliitiaman who happened to be black. but the connections of these organization is more than a little curious, is it really that hard for you to see how they are excusing lawlessness and intimidation on the one hand, and impugning legitimate dissent on the other, through the DISCLOSE act for instance

They are becoming more and more like the ANC, although there is really no reason for this now. I was focusing more on the Panthers,
and the adjunct of the Black Muslims who had more than a little to do with the rise of Obama. It's quite unsettling yet our czar doesn't quite
get that, was he around when a much less extravagant campaign set
LA ablaze nearly 20 years ago.

For those gullible enough to rely on Think Progress, a corrective:

Well Sully just because he lied about Brawley, and incited violence at Freddie's Fashion Mart, and excoriated Guiliani for trying to bring the city back from the brink, and has demagogued every spark of racial
kindling in the last 20 years, doesn't mean he doesn't have a point.

Similarly just because the former marine Jeremiah Wright, plied with
his congregation with even more lurid conspiracy theories, likely cobbled together from his coffee clatches with Castro and Kadaffi, he really meant well in shaping the mindset of our Leader

This is what these 'people of good will' resort too, hard to imagine a more vile set of lies, but we must keep with the historical record

Take it up with Richard Gere, as with the word 'teabagger' you seem all too familiar with these practices, old man

Don't talk of your failed experiments

Well next time don't put the microphone over there

"Generic descendant of the White Citizen's Councils' you know the respectable folks that gave the orders to lynch Cheney, Schwerner
and Goodman, that's a solid dialog right there, don't you agree, Why should anyone take exception to that, I can't imagine. Also invoking
'1776' is an invitation to racism, now I know those are just words like certain words in Salon and the Huffington Post, led to a burning of
her church, I'm sure that's a misunderstanding. If someone is maimed
or killed because of this highly colorful language we can blame the target,

You understand that the purpose of these statements, from the NAACP is to stop discussion, to 'pick, polarize, and isolate' the subject in question. Just like when Steve Emerson started investigating Islamist organizations in the mid 90s, Islamophobia and racism was asserted. Now as with death panels almost a year ago, which turned out to be mighty prophetic with the appointment of Berwick, who conveniently will not be subject to these same strictures. She alone chooses to challenge 'the narrative,' a word I have gotten quite sick of frankly Huck and Mittens will come along around October and register their complaint

That's the kind of logic that Quellist Kate, indulges in, you admit there was no truth to the NAACP statement, they even dialed it down on the
press release, the only real violence at these things have been by SEIU
against someone who was selling knick knacks at a town hall. There was no violence in the 'targeting' of certain districts, yet that was the spin. Many of these innocent Gitmo detainees have proven anything but. They falsified the climate record, and then conducted a whitewash of same

Clearly Zoltan, specially around World Cup and/or Superbowl games, I don't want to be right about these sorts of things, but having seen
lie and after lie, repeated and amplified, persons of good will slandered
for asking questions, that the press deems not of interest. But Mel Gibson, who I admit I always thought was not actiing in many of his
roles, we need to see that 24/7, even though he has no real influence on anything. Weigel, the weasel calls Megyn's exposition," the minstrel

They are coming around on their own, Lagushka, despite all the red herrings being thrown their way, At first they wanted to be welcoming
understanding, but they don't like to be played for suckers

The NAACP, the DNC, and by extension the major networks and news publications, CK, You want to deny that Imam Rauf is not a peace loving Sufi, that Perdana at the very least are dupes, at the worst are accomplices to this global Salafi project, Some one calls you possibly
the worst thing you can be called in this country, without foundation, and you want a thousand word dissertation on why they might think that. THe Nyers are slowly coming to the realization that this is no good, they are also realizing that Bloomberg is not to fine a point on
it 'an enormous tool'

Are you really that dense they LIED, about the violence of the Tea Parties, except KEN GLADNEY doesn't figure into it, they lied about
the Klansman Byrd last week's whole legacy, they lie with out reservation and without consequence, they compared the Tea Party to the White Citizens's Councils, those were the ones who gave the orders to blow up Churches in 'Bombingham', as it was known in the era when Condi Rice was growing up.

Meanwhile the group now calling itself Park Place 51, the Cordoba thing, really didn't click, shows every signs of being a Salafi project more and more, but we can't call it by it's true name. Honestly, CK
I though you cared about truth, but it seems perceptions are more important to you.

It is a piece with the adoption of an obscenity as the short hand for the tea party, the one Quellist Kate uses quite often, The NAACP received adoring coverage by the nets who haven't gotten around
to really flag the incident in Philadelphia. It was characteristic of how Van Jones and Rucker, have tried to snuff out the Beck show through
advertising boycotts, how some avoidable errors in the management of Katrina, turned into a indictment of racism

There was no truth to the NAACP's charge, just as there was no truth to Tawana Brawley's charge, or Jeremiah Wright's charge that AIDS was a US Govt invention, this is what Obama immersed himself in for 2o years, or apparently the misunderstanding by Malik Shabazz who doesn't understand that Osama committed 9/11,

So let me get this straight, we must bend over backwards to ignore the direct uncontrovertable roots of Salafism in this country, and abroad, but we must accept a cretinous slur upon a peaceful movement, because why exactly

What truth, the slurs didn't happen, the spitting didn't happen, By contrast they did put a race baiting militant in a Philadelphia polling place, and they dropped the charges. This same fellow is on record
at another event, spouting frankly genocidal rhetoric. The NAACP ran ads blaming Bush for the James Byrd draggings, suggesting that the GOP incites cross burnings