they all were influenced by the likes of Samuelson, and other Keynesian, and what did Keynes say about 'dead men influencing
the future'

I was being metaphorical, you're always raving about 1971,none of this earned Nixon any street cred, rather it encouraged the hatred
against him.

By their behavior they've given up the benefit of the doubt, that they knew what they were doing, Nixon's wage and price controls, something he should have been impeached for, that had real consequence

He has a soft spot for FDR, as he did for Dupleisis, doesn't mean he's right, he was railroaded by an out of control prosecutor though

The system was already showing signs of strain with the 1907 crash, which was somewhat comparable to what we face now in some respects, Morgan bailed it out then. This was the impetus for Jeckyl
Island which gave rise to the Fed, under Benjamin Strong, they handled
the '20 downturn not too badly, but misgauged the interval in the mid to late 20s, and well completely fumbled the ball after that, Smoot Hawley closed the capital window in '30, which triggered the collapse
of Creditanstalt in '31, and we know what happened then. Roosevelt
then closed the gold window, but that was the least of his offenses

Really what are we without the Constitution, we're a larger Articles of Confederation as in pre 1787, if we're lucky, or something much worse, as the late Herman Kahn, used to call it 'an ideological renewal regime', his version of a good police state. something of this was speculated in the dystopian series Jericho, which had that old hoary chestnut, they set the nukes off to enable the takeover by a a certain faction.

James O' Neal, aka James O'Born posits a similar scenario in the first of a series of novels, beginning with the Human Disquise, The
first dystopia really set in South Florida, although Ferrigno seems to have dabbled in this scenario in his last, nukes, bioweapons have
rendered this neck of the woods, a quarantine zone, under state
of emergency, Rex's conscripted army of mostly foreigners fight
an infinite number of battles on distant shores,

Perfidious Albion is dying sadly, that doesn't excuse Bagehot's publication from making it an assisted suicide, in the Cameron era, then again may be they haven't quite digested the 1776 thing just yet, cables being what they are nowadays, sarc

Ck, we are no where near 9.5 %, check U6 for one indicator, now this maybe systemic like the grim 70s, but until we have policies are remotely positive, it's hard to see things changing, and we're in the crisis now, you can see it everywhere you turn