Academia’s ever growing crusade to isolate knowledge from the people through verbosity aside,

Academia? Oh, no! Don't tell me he/she gets paid to teach others how to write?

Now, this all might seem like a pointless exercise

You probably should have stopped right there and spared HA readers the pseudo-intellectual spouting off. Of course if you had, the rest of us would have missed out on mind expanding gems such as this:

This implies that the correct grand strategy for meeting them is to maximize total technical capabilities in the context of a market-oriented economy that can integrate highly unstructured information, and, most importantly, to maintain a democratic political culture that can face facts and respond to threats as they develop.

and this

In addition to being constructive and refreshingly “open,” this “grand strategy” offers the key benefit of resilience in the face of tomorrow’s headlines, next year’s hurricane season, the scientific measurements and re-measurements of the next decade, and the considered opinions of eminent men and women who are relatively invulnerable to charges of self-dealing and self-interest.

The "considered opinions of eminent men and women." Good Lord, Cecil Vyse is blogging in the Green Room!

"Epistemic Opening?" I didn't get past the title of the post.

ep·i·ste·mic (p-stmk)
$0.50 word meaning relating to, or involving knowledge; cognitive.

What goes on in the Green Room, anyway?