I would frame the problem not as an assault against science by backward conservatives but as the betrayal of society and the scientific method by scientists...

And there also seems to be in your essay an echo of the argument that fighting jihadists creates more jihadists. This has never been proven, and sidesteps the problem of jihadism (or junk science, in this case).

rrpjr on April 26, 2010 at 2:55 PM

Raucous applause!

The quacks are caught, and no amount of verbal blather can change the evidence of faked data and lies hidden in complex mathematics and software. Honest scientists and engineers decoded these for us and the Internet shows us how scientific debate is supposed to occur. It does not take a Phd. or Harvard degree to study this and understand who is lying and who is practicing science in good faith.

Mark Levin stands accused of "wingnuttery" in the liberal context, which means he won't let go of truth. Levin commits additional crimes by yelling meany insults to idiots. Too bad. If that's all that is needed to take the country back from Marxists and fools, then it's a bargain.

The whole snit over Levin's outburst demonstrates the mendacity of the left and the confusion of too many who accept relativism as a starting point of debate.

Burying us in confused literary confections is another trick that won't work any more.