This transference of guilt, from those directly involved onto a diverse and immense global population, and then to the actual sponsors of the project, is often accomplished by rhetorical misdirection, as facilitated by emotional distraction.


Thanks for playing, but sorry, there is no attempt at 'transference of guilt' in the mix here.

My objections to it are that while the people erecting the mosque didn't cause 9/11, they certainly and overwhelmingly approved of it, even if they aren't interested in personally blowing things up. We've all seen the polls of Muslims even here in the US that disproportionately think terrorism is acceptable, that thought the US had it coming, etc.

And now it's looking like the folks involved in Cordoba House are also involved in violent blockade running anti-Semite terrorist-sponsoring 'relief flotillas'.

Sorry - the fact is that there are enough 'normal Muslims' that support terrorism, even here, that 'normal Muslim' doesn't mean 'peace-loving, tolerant, would just love to get along with everyone Muslim'. 'Normal' means 'terrorism-approving Muslim'.