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Sarcasm does not suit you Rex, the question at issue is about truth, Van Jones, as is typical of this camarilla never had it, wouldn't know where to get it. The Journolist promoted?? this fraudulent state of affairs till the current day. If they can do it to one person of sterling
integrity they can do it to anyone

CK; you maybe Allah Pundit's long lost twin

Just like with the CRU, just like with Orzag's and Bernstein's another journolist (not butter but Parkay) brilliant accounting of the stimulus,Sheriff Joe, no one messes with him

Colin you must have forgotten what you wrote last year at this time, or you no longer believe it, it would be more honest if you said the latter, the evidence is even clearer than it was a year ago, what an attack this was, from the start.

The problem my Dear Czar, is that this was a plaintive echo, through the entire media establishment, no one care to reign in Sullivan, because he was not the craziest of the bunch,one of theChinatown references, paging Evelyn Mulray, made to SNL, the first weekend just satire you understand. It's ok to totally annihilate someone's public persona based on what exactly, and for whom

Yes McFrog I am, with her dying breath, Elian's mother arrived so that
her son would grow free. Holder is certainly responsible

As for the crazy speculation, hard to beat this;

Michael Cohen, who writes for The New Republic and is with the leftist New America Foundation, dared to dream big: "The upside is that if this is true she is done and so is McCain. It will be like McGovern in 72. The GOP won’t be able to survive this."

Huffington Post contributor and former communications director for the Democrat staff of the House Homeland Security Committee Moira Whelan thought the conspiracy theory was plausible because "The woman is from the sticks and didn’t even go to Juneau–let alone anywhere else–until she was in high school. Having lived in the sticks, I can attest to the fact that people make wacky decisions like this... I’d rather not talk about this crap in an election, but I am suspiscious (sic)."

Lindsay Beyerstein, who was covering the election for Firedoglake, said if she had evidence to support the story, she would not only report it, but would do so proudly: "So far, there’s not enough evidence for any responsible commentator to discuss this... However, if some reporter thinks this rumor is worth investigating further, and he or she absolutely nails this story, that would be great. If I had the smoking gun, I’d proudly publish the evidence." In a another posting, Beyerstein warned that the rumors could be part of a trap: "It wouldn’t surprise me if the McCain campaign were to leak doctored evidence for the sole purpose of discrediting it and destroying the journalist who published it."

Talking Points Memo blogger Kathleen Geier was also suspicious, and spewed a shot of venom in the direction of the GOP: "When I first heard this story, I thought it was preposterous... And maybe I really am losing it, driven over the edge at last by my hatred of all things Republican, but at this point I’m starting to believe it." In another email, Geier wrote, "I am really hoping Palin will self-immolate and bring down the ticket with her. Because if she proves to be a popular choice who doesn’t screw up too badly, she could be really, really dangerous in the years to come."

Blogger Dylan Matthews, took it as a personal affront that Gov. Palin got on a plane in Dallas to fly home so that Trig would be delivered by her trusted personal obstetrician and even opined that a government intervention was in order: "Her conduct on the plane... is so grossly irresponsible that it suggests that the baby couldn’t possibly be hers... That offends me. That sort of thing warrants a social services call."

Rick Perlstein, a senior fellow at the left wing and Soros-funded Campaign for America's Future suggested that "an enterprising reporter" visit the hospital in Wasilla and find an "indiscreet hospital employee" who might be willing to divulge details of an imagined cover up.

Shannon Brownlee of the New America Foundation, ignoring Obama's lack of experience and his extremist views, proposed that the lefty listers do some fear-mongering: "This woman has almost no experience and extremist views on many fronts. Americans should be afraid of a McCain-Palin White House and the possibility of her having to step in as president. So we should be sowing fear."

The White House dumped him, with the bathwater, because it revealed
their true agenda, which is both breathtaking in its scope, and asinine
in it's consequences. Just like they cut "Shirley Rhodes" mike for the weekend, because it got too embarassing

For fifty year, igel, except for a brief period at the beginning, the media and political establishment, has been 'bobby soxing' Fidel and his little brother, the apex of it was the Elian Gonzalez, where they rationalized a rendition of 'state property' back to the Cuban Government. And the same confederacy of fools, that were Sr. Wences for the Journolist were a party to this, Rather, Couric, Williams, (Jennings has passed on) Gibson, et al. Mostly the same crew like Halberstam who told us that Vietnam was key to the world Tungsten supply, but ultimately like Afghanistan's lithium can go to someone else.

The flipside has been how breathlessly cavalier they have been in characterizing any opposition, that had to deal with the detritus of their mistake, from Stone to Moore and co, who casts the Cuban
American community, as an inconvenience at best, and the equivalent to Brutus's henchmen at worst, somewhat like what Ayers told Larry Grathwold, well those 25 million counter
revolutionaries, will just have to eliiminated, a si que, no me digas
que me callas,

All misunderstandings or just malicious gossip, I'm sure:

No I hope not to meet any, I know what they did in Campuchea, what they tried to do with the Shining Path in Peru, Marxists are bloody bad enough. Now you remember Tariq Ramadan don't you, the academic
with remarkable credentials but some interesting perspectives on thing
as Paul Berman has pointed out

Van Jones and Rucker's main project around 2005, was to spread the notion popularized by Kanye West, "Bush doesn't care about black people" , seeing the other signers, there's no reason to consider that he didn't sign the petition. STORM a Maoist outfit would be funny except similar words of praise seem to arise from formercommunication director Anita Dunn, and current manufacturing czar?? Ron Bloom. The Journolist lies at the heart of most of the made up controversies in this administration, from the Plame case onward. They are relentless in destroying a person's reputation before they even realize it

It is the same petition, he 'forgot' he signed it, nearly 5 years later

This is a petition that McGovern among other signed:

Well Frog, maybe she follows Pelosi's maxim, 'you have to sign it, to find out what's in it" There are enough crazy officials like Ray McGovern
(CIA) Wayne Madsen (NSA) Paul Craig Roberts (Treasury) who have entertained such crazy notions. Not to mention, the former Environment minister, Meacher, and some other German fellow who follow that way down the rabbit hole, Thierry Meysan, was the Frenchy
frenchman who popularized that idea on that end of the ocean

So Rauf's father was a founder of the Moslem Brotherhood, his book was published by two known fronts tied to AQ and Gamaa Islamiyah,
there is that other family connection, but he gives a good speech in NYC to a noticeably skeptical audience, but back home in Malaysia. . .

Twenty years ago, a distinguished graduate of Al Azhar, persecuted for
his political views in Egypt, (the consequences of said views are open to debate) who had aided US officials in Afghanistan, shows up in New Jersey,

It strikes me, CK, you bend over backwards to give the benefit of the doubt to those who are nowhere as charitable, now who else was on that petition, who could plausibly been there

In the meantime, we have this to consider, capisce

There is enough realpolitik here to gag a maggot:

Well even Martin Amis, has said some duly sensible things about Islamism in the recent past, read the "Second Plane" his anthology
of post September 11th meditations, with a particular focus on Qutb
and Greeley, off with his head

Think Progress was putting forth the story they got from Carson, 'a legend' as it were, almost immediately despite there was no evidence
of same. Now Alistair Crooke to use one notable example, might insist
that Hamas is predominantly a political organization, 'but you may ask yourself, how did we get here' what us this goal of said organization

You want us to admit a lie, fostered by the Journolist, and other outcroppings of the Sorosphere, and deny the truth about those
who Imam Rauf associates and has been sponsored by, Perdana
is that combination of antiSemitic truther (Malathir) and hopeless
dupe (Caldicott),

It is feeling more and more like 'the Argument Clinic' Zoltan, or "these are not the droids you're looking for" over here

Don't forget, 'he had to join Klan (and become a recruiter) in order to get elected". Trent Lott loves the taste of shoe leather, as a lobbyist
even more so, but was it worth going through every scrap of paper
going back to his Ole Miss days, Frist wasn't an improvement, for some
of his other talents