@ narciso:

This is what he said Sully when he was trying to be diplomatic, when the fires were still burning at ground zero, imagine what he says in different context.

Plus, he was talking to an infidel, so he can't be trusted to be telling the truth, assuming he believes the clear words of the god he serves in the book from which he preaches.

For this reason anyone who declines to condemn Rauf, or to condemn his defenders, or who goes on to attack his attackers, will sooner or later also fall under suspicion of being an enemy, a collaborator, a nutjob, a lurking neo-Marxist anti-imperialist fellow-traveling saboteur and traitor. . .

You left out a category - useful idiot.

By the logic of this apologist imam any action, even one taken in self defense, makes one an accessory to all future events that flow from that action.

Had not those damned Tutsis insisted on surviving and reproducing the machetes of the Hutus would never have come to be stained with the blood of children.

Of course, once one begins playing that game one loses the right to criticize those who point out the logic of taking it all the way back to the prime mover accessory, the deceitful intended world conqueror and his evil seventh century book.