narciso wrote:

Malaysia was one of the places where the plots were

you live near Miami? wanna talk about plots being schemed? any plots schemed within 125,000 sq miles of you? have you stopped them all or are you unfit to be called American?

@ narciso:
narc, far from imposing democracy, we're paying the tab that keeps the present Egyptian government going.
Should we continue or should we use our purse and pull the strings toward another movement?

@ narciso:
not sure that I understand your reply, narc. would you suggest that the US is best served by continuation of support for the repressive regime in Egypt or would you consider that we might devote our considerable investment there in some other that might lead to something better for us 20-30 years down the road?

@ narciso:

why does it have to be an improvement? why can't Egypt have whatever type of sweathog government that it elects?
what the hell does the US gain by supporting Mubarak or by helping him install his chosen successor?

In the history of this world, narc, what does your reading inform you to be the benefit of repression?

If you were guiding the US, what would you suggest we do to in Egypt to maximize our interests and shape Egyptian society ?