Padilla is from here, he apprenticed at Far Ul Uloom in Pembroke Pines
before going to Yemen. El Shukrijumah was a student at BCC, he worked with Padilla but not very well, so they set him up with Binyim
Mohammed, the Ethiopian. another fellow a Doctor plead guilty to giving aid to AQ

Maybe had the esteemed Imam said something like what Marlow said of
Colonel Kurtz, Malaysia was one of the places where the plots were
schemed. Egypt is where three top AQ figures, Zawahiri, the late Mohammed Atef, and the live Seyf al Adel, Saudi Arabia proved 15
gentleman, Hamburg was the mid term exam, Londonistan, Pakistan,
Spain all played their part

I prefer a free election Forg, however our president at Al Azhar says
'democracy cannot be imposed from without' capisce, so I don't think it's going to happen. If Suleiman's Mukharabat were to crack down there might very well be a decades long Algerian style bloodbath

I've read Al Aswani, and Egypt makes Chicago seem like Athens, but we've seen the face of an Ilkwan Egypt in Hamas. I prefer Ghour the
liberal sucessor to the Wafd, but I doubt he would get a chance Al Baradei seems the new international favorite, seeing as he's made it
possible for Egypt to have a nuclear program, by failing to prevent

This is what he said Sully when he was trying to be diplomatic, when the fires were still burning at ground zero, imagine what he says in different context. I sincerely wish I were wrong, but I can't see how
a Moslem Brotherhood dominated Egypt would be an improvement, on
the current Mubarak Pharaohnate. And that is the ultimate goal of these organizations,

The reality is that a Palestinian state would likely be carved up by Egypt from the South, Syria from the North, probably Greater Jordan
from the East. Seeing as Hamas is training a whole generation of shaheeds in Gaza, and probably the West Bank I can't be that charitable as to it's prospects

North Africa, didn't the Agency support Fanon against the pied noirs and Massu, they helped put Nasser in power, we did precious little
against Kaddafi except when he used his Mukharabat allies with the Stasi to strike out at Labelle. We did support King Mohammad in the "Years of Lead" in the 60s. Did we take any position on the Algerian
civil war, well we did aid the former FLN regime. So if vengeance is an argument, how many to square the balance, 100,000, 1,000,000.
The origin of Salafism is much closer than Imam Rauf cares to admit
in his old home of Cairo, across the sea in Arabia, with the Ilkhwan