Comments on Too late for healing by Zoltan Newberry

Sadly, what started out as a jovial and stimulating community of zombies has become boring weak tea, thanks to our creator-host's sudden need to take over and preside over senseless exercises in nitpicking and endlessly frivolous verbosity.

Colin, you've proven yourself a master at creative destruction and a great disappointment to many of the original exiles from Commentary.

What on earth happened to you, to your common sense?

Has this happened many times before?

Not a good thing, my frem.

Hey Coooooolin!

Did you rip off my avatar as a result of my failure to properly appreciate your nuanced mastery of all the subtleties which make life truly progressive and meaningful, my frem?

@ CK MacLeod:
OK. Drink the damn punch.

Just don't blame me when you get sick.

You must know that you are wrongfully tarring J Rubin and others who want no mosque there as "Islamophobes". No wonder you see nothing wrong with parroting the phony charge that the Tea Party is 'racist'.

Was Rudy G an Islam hater when he told a Saudi Prince to keep his friggin money, because it came with a certain smelly mindset-outlook?

A mosque in that location proposed by those with fainthearted attitudes toward the Islamo-fascists does not pass the smell test.

Some people loose their sense of smell. You seem to be so driven by sophomoric intellectual word play that perhaps your nose has unhooked itself from your brain.

So, may I respectfully suggest that there is a turd in your punch bowl sir. Don't drink it!

Yes, everybody knows that most Muslims in the west are like the fine Moslem lad in the movie, "The History Boys."

The silence of the Moslem majority is deafening, however. In fact, their supposedly mainstream western organizations seldom speak out to condemn and isolate and capture the murderers. Instead, they air constant grievances and complain about 'Islamophobes' like you do. Instead, they continue to insist on additional goodies in the UK for government funded segregated schools, and special courts for wife beaters and the like.

The Japanese-Americans who covered themselves in honor in 1943 in Italy brought shame upon an America which incarcerated their mothers and sisters. Where are the honorable western Moslems today? What have they done to truly stand up for free expression and human rights? What have they done to protect Ayan Ali Hirsi and Salman Rushdie?

Oh, that's right, they are Islamophobes too, RIGHT?