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Has anyone looked at the sky lately?
Did I go to the wrong place?
This reminds me of a not so wonderful dream: I went to schul expecting to see many friends there. Instead of Ashre and Alenu, everybody, including a few friends, were singing I aint Gonna Study War No More and God Damn Amerika. The Gabbai asked me to go up onto the pulpit, but when I got there, my beloved Rabbi was wearing a priest's collar and muttering about Israeli atrocities. I kept looking for our Torah, but there was no Ark, no Torah.

Did I come to the wrong place?

Narciso, I recognize you I think. I think you are the only one left and it's three against one because everyone else is like me I think. Everyone else doesn't recognize this new home of the multicultural nit pickers, moral relativists, and historical deconstructionists.

I keep hearing that the government has its eyes on the internet.

Could it be that Janet Neapolitanio has taken over this site?

The land of make believe? (

Janet Reno?