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@ CK MacLeod:


I was speaking more to the imagery. The dopamamine style prompts one to look up and into the distance, while the seratonin style prompts one to look down. Some theorize that the dopamine style is responsible for the development of religion, which abounds in imagery that is up and in the distance. (Gives a different point of analysis of SP's Alaska/Russia remarks).

Many surveys have documented the greater religiosity of conservatives compared to liberals who tend towards spirituality or agnosticism.

Again, I'm talking tendencies. Plenty of conservatives are spiritiual or agnostics and plenltuy of liberal are religious.

This stuff operates in various parts of the brain not the pre-frontal cortex, which is where the executive functions of the brain reside. Your points pertain to prefrontal functions, while mine pertain to other areas.

@ CK MacLeod:


There's a neurological explanation for that.

Conservatives tend to use dopamine as the neurotransmitter of choice while liberals favor seratonin.

Dopamine is the nt for the upper visual field, religiousity and moving mass.

AQ also is a conservative (in its culture) phenonomen. They and US conseravatives have identical nt styles.

The dopamine system also prefers clarity and dislikes ambiguity.

Looking up from streeet level, US conservatives will perceive the mosque as both replacing the WTC and towering, dominating the landscape, because of the symbolism they perceive.

I'm not saying this explains everything, or that people are powerless in the face of the nt styke they are born with. I am saying it is an important factor in how we organize and understand the world.