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AS with the DGSE, the BND, (who didn't allow us to interview Curveball)
the SVR, the Egyptian and Jordanian Mukharabats, now what was the brilliant alternate plan, State wanted Pachachi, the Allosaurus of the Jurassic period, CIA wanted one of the Kurd killing generals, but he bit the bullet too soon. DeBathification, had to occur at some point, for
justice for the Kurds, and the Marsh Arabs, The REpublican and Special
Republican Guard were the ones who ran most of these operations

Yes so did Ackerman and even Yglesias, but then they forgot why they
had chosen to support, the operation.although the former was first by spreading Joe Wilson's lies, off the back. Much like the liberals like Moyer, Halberstam, Cronkite who pretended they had not been part of the process. Halberstam more than most, since he pushed the removal
of the Diems, Thomas a Becket style"

AQiM, remembered hoe Beirut and Mogadishu, forced an American retreat from the Levant and the Horn of Africa respectively. They also know how Tet was a tactical failure, but thanks to Cronkite a propaganda success. Bush even referenced Tet, in those final days.
Yes Bremer messed up the first round, however it would turn out
that the governing core would still come from the Iraqi exiles, whether Allawi, Jaafari or even Maliki who was opposed to the invasion. No their function as well as the Iraq Study Group, yet another clique of factotums was to give up, in so many words, so was the brain trust around the future Vice President and President
(Galbraith, Power, Zinni, et al) I'll leave out MoveOn's noxious role
for another time

No I'm not, you're just willing to accept misrepresentations, omissions
and out right lies whether directed at Israel or us directly. As with most things the Facade behind park 51, is just that, I am not surprised
that Goldberg, Cohen, Beinart, would be taken in this way, but I did
have certain expectations that you wouldn't

Yes they pulled their own version of Tet, specially around the time of the Samarra mosque bombing, but that really was the last gasp of Zarquawi and company, but to Engel and Ricks, and a whole host of
others, Steele of the Guardian, it was time to get out, and they got
the story wrong. Not as wrong as Saigon or Phnomh Penh 1975, ended
up being, And Gareth Porter was still playing that game as of the previous spring, with regards to Afghanistan, same playbook.

That may be true, but that's not what's supposed to happen, it really strikes one as collusion, they almost did force us out of Iraq, if Bush
hadn't been as stubborn, which would have been the kind of gift the Wahhabs didn't have since 1805.

Except their influence is much greater than the numbers would suggest, and they don't do it honestly, but give a pretense to transparency

IPS that was the outfit that allegedly had Mullen dissing Petraeus , right around the time of his hearings on the hill, IPS, is really from
that other group of tadpoles,the Institute for Policy Studies. I'm
impressed Frog yet again

Only when they seem to be making the same mistake, does anyone think the Taliban will be nicer this time around, if it takes over. That's a pretty big mulligan to consider

Yes some are a real peach, but Quellist Kate, and the character from
'Airplane' is just as rude at times, in their insinuation and you are not nearly as hard on them

True he was more a very wet Tory, soaking, in fact, Baldwin was almost as bad, and lets not even bring up Lloyd George,by that point in time.

For all my occasional frustration with you LG, you do have your moments when you're not baiting me or someone else. I don't understand how Gareth Porter really gets the time of day, then
again, you read the Hitchens take on Chavez, and the comments
therein. I do know but I still don't get it

Even after the Journolist collapsed that's just a nasty place you hang around there, The Lebanese Army which is likely Hezbollah dominated
in that neck of the woods. Then again I'm sure they are terrified of tea partiers there

Now CK, maybe it's my very persistent nature but there's a reason that most of the old gang, JEM, Adam, GB don't hang around here
anymore, you have turned this place into the "Argument Clinic"
and even the most obvious things have to be debated, THat gets
very tiring after a while

Come on, Lagushka, you may pretend but you know this enterprise, if one can call Park Place 51, is not right, there have been 10 plots in around the NY area since 9/11 and they have all revolved around mosques or other enterprises of a Salafi nature. JMH's pomo pastiche
is mildly interesting like acrostics to figure out. Now the citizens of your fair town clearly are opposed, and there is little to commend it.
I don't agree with everything Pamela says, but sometimes one has to be crystal clear in what one is dealing with. My hope is more with Adjami and Jasser and co, who have not waivered in support of this
country's efforts rather than other folks like Beinart and Cohen,
who don't even pretend to understand the situation

He's a Sufi, CK, he's stuck up for the folks in Albania and Bosnia, in fact that really was his conversion experience. This is the pattern
that the major Ilkwan affiliated organizations seem to endorse, a totally ahistorical look at Islam after the 8th Century, it did split into
competing factions, and sources of authority, Ummayad, Abbasid,
Fatimid, Seljuk Ottoman, it's really only this last century that Arabia
seized back the imprimatur.

Now mind you they might have endorsed more 'Carolingian Jihad' type categorization, but a book about the Medieval Period that
really omits the Christian influence, in order to be even handed

You might even agree with this, or maybe not,

That is spectacular ignorant of history, "I award no points, and god have mercy on your soul" when you have a theocratic zysgy like with
Czarist Russia, where Podestedenev was both state counselor and
eclessiastical authority, along with associates like Ignatiev and Trepov
spreading these lies from the Interior Ministry and other points, the lies of the Protocols that when you arrive at the Pogroms that began around 1881. Similarly the Sauds who have appropriated this function
and through their madrassah spread hatred of Jews and Christians, well
they are now one step closer to their biggest megaphone


Does the fact that a Wahhabi cleric was certifying all the Moslem chaplains, one of those quarrelsome Alamoudis, all the while pretending
to be reasonable and right. give you any cause Then again we must accept the 'phantom flushed Korans' from the publication that was sold for a dollar today. And really Al Shehri was tortured exactly like Bond in "Casino Royale", and the Tipton Three were innocent except
for the training at Al Faruq, but other than, 'who is being naive'

And Rumsfeld and Cheney administered much of he wage and price controls, one learns from one's experiences. The total debt is the tens of trillions of dollars, neither defense spending nor tax cuts really play
that large a role.

J street, like most appendages of the Soros org, are imminently gullible when it comes to Salafi and Hambali maneuvers, where are the Hanafi in all this

Ah Rex lets not pretend that gold is the be all and end all, recall 1873, 1893, 1907, 1920 among just a few examples, but it does lend a certain degree of stability

It'd like Rooney's lecture to Howard Beale, Chaveysky's little monologue
on the nature of multinationale finance and power, or some of Trevanian's novels on the subject, like Shibumi

I keep checking for the Twin suns of Tatooine, because we surely can't be on Earth, Or if the city blocs keep folding up as in Inception. Salon was a project of Hambricht and Quist, by a colleague of William Perry who was in partnership with the chinese version of DARPA, it was well worth the cost, Boehlert ended up at Media Matters, Tapper
at ABC, Talbot went quietly insane, as his journey into JFK conspiracism 'Brothers' shows

Tax cuts were about what 10% of that number, and that is not counting the revenue from that transaction, wait what productive labor was Stockman doing in the mid 80s,carving up companies like
Thanksgiiving turkeys for the Blackstone group, along with Pete Petersen. So in the 90s when Clinton did raise taxes, but engaged in
"Enron accounting' except in the sinew of one our only constitutional
obligations, the military what was that about

We have prisoner break outs in Texas, all the time, that doesn't mean the warden is in on it, Bazzi doesn't he write for Minitrue, I mean the AP. Loomis did negotiate that first deal, he had been out of the public eye, for 25 years before, just as St. John Philby had been on the outs.

How much of the cold grey 70s, does Stockman want to relive, the Rubicon series gives somewhat of that flavor. Where is his critique of the new multitrillion dollar entitlements and Old one like protruberances like the Fin Reg bill

Beinart is being disingenous to be very charitable, in the abstract I would agree, the particulars are just not so. If we invaded Saudi Arabia
as is your preferred want what Luttwak suggested in '75 in Harpers, that would be the unfortunate reality

So much has actually been produced in terms of goods and services, that is the fundamental question, that would be the true measure of GDP

Well Rauf came out in support of Rowan William's support for Sharia courts, which unlike rabbinical courts in NY are not nearly the same thing. He is allied with those enterprises, only the likes of Armstrong
and company, who misrepresent the past as assiduously as Hedges
does the present

You assume our quarrel with Wright is about race not ideology, well we despise his argument from Peck or spoiled wannabe Gramscian William Ayers. or Peck, Freeman, Walker et al

Before the "Lethal Weapon" like ending in Suweidi, (actually UAE) they
were really interested in solving the crime, I know a very reactionary
thing, the animals. It really does highlight the mindset in the KSA, fostered by deferring to the Ilkwan Ulema, Now in our entire long
history with the Russians,they never prompted someone to attack
a military base, that was the kind of fever dream in Walter Wager's "Telefon" it really is becoming impossible to have a civil conversation, if you want this to me, just you and Rex and Michigan J, have it, but don't pretend it has anything to do with the original

When you start with Nahoul the bumblebee in Gaza, or Basmallah the six year old in Arabia, now she's probably about 10. When they showedthe 'Siege' back in '98, it seemed alarmist, based on what Lawrence Wright saw in Egypt he was lowballing it, yes Zwick's script had to have the obligatory evil American General, practicing an early form of rendition. The Kingdom, which also engages in too much moral equivalence for my taste, and Bawer's for that matter but illustrates the end result of all these enterprises.

Yes we hate those who turn children into living bombs, and those who empower them to do so. Imam Rauf is more on that side of the line than Zuhdi, or Suleiman Schwartz or Ali Ahmed, or Fouad Adjami, THey cultivate the likes of Major Hassan, and encourage him, and Faisal Shahzad to turn against the country they pledged allegiance to.

So which is it, when we support democracy, they hate us, when we support odious regimes like the Sauds and the Mubaraks they hate us,
when we detain terrorists like those at Gitmo, ditto. I don't care the
race of the idiot who supports this contention, either a Baathist Wasp apologist like Edward Peck, & Charles Freeman, or Alberto Fernandez in the Public diplomacy section, apologizing for Hezbollah or Jeremiah Wright, now the fact that he chose to associate with Quaddafi and
Castro, that's a little more on point, I have as much disdain for Howard
"Yeargh" Dean as I have for Barack Obama, you should know that by now

What id really the point of Walt's essay, it's to say 'we asked for it' or
as some one else put it, 'chickens coming home to roost' it's a small step to justifying that action, and encouraging others, that was the gist of Aulaki's dual narrative, [ost 9/11.the one Robert Wright glommed on to before the bodies were even buried in Killeen.

My quarrel in this instance is with Rex, who brought Walt's ham handed
essay to the forefront. Youre' being tongue and cheek with that last statement, but this is exactly the way that Saudi imam, that authorized a fatwa that involved nuclear weapons think

So one of our betters in the 'Ruling class' seems to rationalize the deliberate murder of civilians, and he left out the muslims at the WTC,
in the civilian body count. Freeman another one of the species, he bows to all oligarchs equally, Chinese, he was the one who relayed
the threat to nuke LA, if we defended Taiwan, has made similar
statements over the years. Usually thecommenters at Foreign Policy are very nonchalant about such thing, but this one hit a nerve

It seems the good professor is straining too hard for that contribution from Prince Talal. I have come to the conclusion that it might have been better for Saddam to have invaded Saudi Arabia, true we would
not likely have the bases there, but Bin Laden wouldn't have that as
an excuse. as our repeated stagings there, were his rationale for attacking us in part, he uses the lower number for the Iraq campaign
so there's a saving grace there, So how many professor will clean the

Walt like Freeman, seems to think anything the Sauds do is ok, REally
was the Israeli lobby the big issue in 2006, or was it the lobby of the Arabians including the UAE and Quatar emirates, they did lose out on Dubai ports, which struck me as ironic since that was a British flub
by selling out P&0. but their influence certainly was felt though the Levick group with the cooperation of the Sorosphere

Same goes for Castro, back when he wasn't officially 'the Walking Coma" as Luque Escalona, dubbed him even the likes of Barbara Walters got the 'tingle up her leg' , Steyn has pointed out the proscriptions against ferengi, doin't often apply in other places, in his native Canada, You can be as reactionary and chauvinist if you are the other, you will not get a Human Rights complaint. Al Ghosaibi could pen a ode to 'martyrs', and the complaints are few and far between.

I't's curious how for about a 1,000 years, Islam's seat of authority moved from Cairo to Damascus to Baghdad to Istanbul , which makes the Wahhab claim dubious to say the least

He didn't cotton to Arafat either who had the death of at least two American diplomats on his hands. Maybe if the Sauds in parnership with
the Soviets had not been the underwriters of Fatah, if the textbooks
they issue didn't call those they consider the people of the book ' pigs and dogs'. Maybe if the bounty of the regime was more equitably
distributed past the 7,000 princes, there would grounds for discussion