Comments on Too late for healing by JHM

She [Princess Neoterica] seems to be too busy blogging to listen to herself, to reflect on what she’s supporting, to think about what other major Western political movements have liked to pose as defenders of the sensible populace, as the enemies of the intelligentsia, and as fighters in the elementally necessary “civilizational war” that somehow is always already on the verge of being lost to the cunning inferiors [2] .

Lack of personal acquaintanceship with Her Neoimperial Highness prevents this coarse and illiterate keyboard from being quite sure that the Zombiemaster’s account is mistaken. Nevertheless, in the abstract, it seems quite possible to me that H.N.H. may be always thinkin’ of very little else than how Hyperzionism is utterly not to be compared with "other major political movements," East, West, South or North.

"Not to be compared with" because ABOVE comparison, needless to say: Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi. [1]

Healthy days.

[1] A favorite political proverb of the late Buckley Minor, that was. Naturally, bein’ but a dhimmy, his notions on the exact identity of the Zeuslike supracomparands would not entirely coincide with those of her Neoimperial Highness.

Still, I daresay Neocomrade Buckley might qualify as, say, "provisionally civilisational" from even the strictest Castle Podhóretz point of view.

[2] The esteemed ZM might give his own words some thought. At any rate, if he happens to have developed a theory of why almost all conspiratorialists prefer to have their fiendish enemies cunnin’ rather than dumb as stumps, perhaps he would tell it to us? Whatever happened to "The Devil is an ass"?

Furthermore, might not H.N.H. be questioned along these lines as to what the shibboleth of Superior Civilisation may be, if Natives have been admitted to be not inferior in cunnin’?